And that, ladies and gentlemen is what this blog stands for.

For some reason, the last sentence of this blog post is the first thing I wrote. You see, it is the first post, and I feel like it should have some sense of authority, a sense of purpose, and leave the reader filled with hope for the future. I read an article about how to write the first blog post and it emphasised the importance of setting the tone.But then I realised that a blog about quilting, sewing and a few tips about the Elimination Diet is not really all that, well… life changing. It is not a blog that much different to other ones that you have read.

While I struggle to find a link to the first last sentence, I’ll introduce myself.  I am the sole writer for Unsophisticated & Jejune, and my name is Hannah. I am 22 years old, and live in the UK. As I explain on my Welcome page, the name Unsophisticated & Jejune is inspired from the desire to live a simple life, and finding pleasure in the boring things. Of course, in no way do I think of quilting as boring! I would rather knit than dance. I would rather sew than drink. I’m not sure I would go as far to say I would rather eat as a vegetarian on an elimination diet while adhering to a Low-FODMAP diet than eat chocolate cake… even I have to admit that this diet is boring.

But, you know, I have insights. I may not be the most expert seamstress or quiltmaker, and I am certainly not a chef. But all the things I make, as a self taught maker and eater, tend to have a way of working out. I screw up about four times in everything I sew, so when you are looking for a way to fix your own misadventures, you might be able to see what I did and apply it to your own project. While I might not be able to prevent you from making mistakes, I will help you wriggle out of them. Think about it, I’m actually more helpful because I make the same mistakes as you! Perhaps. So, if you want to learn how I make bad mistakes into invisible mistakes, then keep reading!

Sewing and quilting has really been a great aid for me, as a lot of the time I just feel lousy and need something productive to do that doesn’t require getting dressed. I’ve been struggling with stomach problems for the most of my life, with the last couple of years being a complete nightmare. After spending a good part of three weeks curled up in bed with stomach pain, I decided to become my own food detective, and embark on the Elimination Adventure! Some people just call it the Elimination Diet. As a vegetarian, I found little to no help online as most of the elimination diet recipes are loaded with meat! I hope I can impart my knowledge and experiences of this adventure for any vegetarian looking for a way to cope. I’ve been on this special diet for six weeks now, and am nearing completion. So, if you want to hear some tips on surviving the elimination diet while being a vegetarian, then keep your eyes on the page kid!

Most of my knowledge of blogs is derived from browsing craft blogs, as they are my main source of education. I love the endless amount of tutorials you can find! I must confess, one of my favourite things to read about is what other people are making, how they are making, and why they are making. Oh, to browse pictures on Pinterest! I’m a bit of a pervert when it comes to wistfully dreaming of my own potential through other peoples achievements. So, if you want to perv on my  craft projects, then get your laptop charger at the ready!

With all that in mind, I’ve got one thing to say to you. Be boring. You get more done.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what this blog stands for.

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