Oh Crumbs! I’m making a Crumb Quilt


A Crumb Quilt is a fun project to use up scraps of fabric – not just any scraps, but the smallest, tiniest of scraps that only the insane decide to keep. The thought of turning penny sized bits of fabric into metres excites the frugal out of me! It is such an easy method to work, you don’t need to be organised, and you can chain stitch your heart away. All you need to do is stitch two pieces together in a straight line, then add a third piece, then add a fourth, see where the fifth piece fits, and so on until you have a new bit of fabric the size you like. It can look pretty hectic with all those angles,but that’s the whole point! Get crazy! I think the best thing about this quilt pattern is that it is easy to make it look the way you like. Say your more of a modern gal, just go ahead and use solids or contemporary prints! You like the civil war era, it’s easy as using some reproduction prints. This quilt suits all tastes.


I have been sewing these crumbs together for a while now, I tend to do bursts of crumb stash busting, then leave it until it builds up and I do it again. I don’t even have a definite plan for them, but I do like the idea of laying them out in a grid with sashing to tie it all together. One thing I have found is that the blocks tend to look best when they are fairly small, 3-5” or so, because when they get too big you lose the effect of the contrasting patterns and it starts to look a bit muddy, but that is up to you, some people make them big and they turn out great. I haven’t cut mine to size yet, partly because I don’t have a quilting ruler or rotary cutter and don’t fancy the cutting with scissors part just yet…too boring! But also partly because I fancied them becoming a Chinese Coins or Bars Quilt. I still can’t decide, but I have plenty of time and not nearly enough ‘blocks’ yet; I need to empty my bag and do me some more piecing!

If you’d like a more detailed look at how this is done, search ‘crumb quilt’ or ‘improvisational quilt piecing’ or here is the tutorial that made me reach into my bin to pull out the scraps of fabric I had needlessly thrown away. Now I have a bag dedicated to the stuff! My real mother would roll her eyes at me to say “just throw it away weirdo!” but Mother Earth says “Thank you for not burying me in cheap polyester from Walthamstow Market.”


Want to see how this quilt has progressed?

Check out my post:

Quilt Update | Scrap Awareness Month: July Edition


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