Yarn Along with Ginny Sheller: Women, Craft and Art


One of my new favourite blogs to read at the moment is Ginny Sheller’s. She is a knitting maestro and an entertaining read! And that just so happens to be what Ginny has based her Yarn Along on. If you like yarn, and words, then you can join in too! Each Wednesday, Ginny is asking us to share with her what we are working on, whether it is knit or crochet, and the book we are currently reading. So take a photograph and… yarn along!

I am currently crocheting my first crochet project; a granny square blanket in three colours. I was taught to crochet while visiting my friend Sarah who lives in Leeds. I had taught Sarah to knit a few months earlier, when she came to stay with me in Brighton. That weekend she fell in love with yarn, and knittedΒ crazy amounts of headbands to the point where she had to start giving them away as soon as she made them! She made a new crochet friend, Jackie, and hats and infinity scarfs grew around her. So when I visited Leeds, Sarah wanted to teach me to crochet. We had to make up a song so I could remember how many loops to go through to do the Triple Stitch, I was so confused by it all! Jackie came round for dinner, and confused me more because, being American, she kept calling the Triple Stitch a Double Stitch and it ruined my song. Unfortunately the song is long forgotten, as I became competent enough to granny square away in silence. Stealth mode!

The book, The Craftsman by Richard Sennett, actually goes with the theme -‘things Sarah and I learn about together theme’ – as it is book that she is reading at the moment too. She has probably read it all already, I’m a bit slower at finishing books than she is.The Craftsman was a Christmas gift from my brother, as at the time I was writing my dissertation on craft, or more specifically… Women, Crafts and the Artist Quilter. While I did read a few chapters scouting for usable quotes, I didn’t really get a chance to read it in an enjoyable state of mind. Sarah too wrote her essay on craft…and women.. and art. We are literally polar opposites, to the point that people are surprised we are friends, but we are so similar on the important things. Like women, craft and art.



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