Finished Object Friday: Sunny Summer Bag + Productivity Charts


One of the reasons I decided to start this blog was so that I could track my progress. I love lists and progression charting! I know it’s a bit dorky. When I was saving up before I came to University I decided to sell lots of things online, and to make sure I was making a good profit I set up an excel spreadsheet. And before you laugh, it was actually great because I could see what type of things were selling, what keywords maximized sales and I learnt about postage rates. And from that I added more to my savings. Meanwhile, my mum would be heard in the background, putting on a cartoonish geeky voice, complete with lisp, “I love spreadsheets! Sometimes I make spreadsheets about spreadsheets! I call them spreadsheet spreadsheets!” Thanks mum.

book list smbook list s

While I haven’t made a spreadsheet for a while, I do like to chart progress in the form of lists.Two of my favourite lists have dedicated books: MADE and BOOK LIST. I have been noting which books I read, and the month I finished reading it since 2010. At the end of each year I can see whether it was a well read one, or… not so much. I find this also really motivates me to read more, because I want to compete with last years record. This year, I began to do this with the things that I am making. Projects can only be put in the book once they are fully finished; threads knotted off or yarns woven in. Although it is a good documentation of productivity, it isn’t as visual as a blog is. I want photos, but I don’t want to sit around sticking them in to a book! So, a blog seemed like the best platform to showcase my projects: it is paperless, visual and neat. And I mean the organised kind of neat.

unsophisticated and jejune bag

And here is the other kind of neat: a super cool Sunny Summer Bag! This is my Friday’s Finished Object! It has box corners, making it a perfect beach bag, or shopping bag – two things I will be using it for! This also counts towards my goal of using up the fabric I already have. I bought this ages ago to use for a quilt, but when I got home realised that it was a bit too coarse and would make the quilt feel like cardboard. So I shoved it in the back of my drawer and let it sleep. But now, it is awake, and ready to prowl about the town!



…and yes, I have pictures of Lloyd Grossman and Jesus on my wall. The two greats!

Lloyd Grossman + Jesus = Lord Grossman. Yes?

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4 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday: Sunny Summer Bag + Productivity Charts

  1. I think your bag is beautiful! jolly good job 😀 and I know precisely what you mean about lists, and last Christmas I got onto using a spreadsheet as I was selling a lot more than I usually do through my sister at her work 🙂 it made it more clear exactly what money I had (as one can forget buying wool to make a sale costs money!)
    do you use Goodreads for you book progress? I love using that and this year I’m working on a reading challenge which encourages me to list the books I read and also review them 🙂
    jenny xx (linked up through hardknitlife)

    1. Hi Jenny, thank you for your comment! It’s always good to hear that there is someone else out there who appreciates a good spreadsheet. I’ve just been listing my reading on paper so far, I’ve not looked into Goodreads – I’ll have to check it for sure! And that reading challenge sounds like a great source of motivation, good luck! Now, off to check out your space…. Hannah x

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