Scrap Awareness Month: July 2015

I am declaring this July Scrap Awareness Month.

Here is why:

I am sick of those darned little bits of fabric all over the place. I have bags full of it. Bags for crumb scraps, small scrap, big scraps, nearly a FQ scraps, scraps of cotton, scraps of polycotton, wool scraps, denim scraps, scraps for a future Trip Around the World Quilt, Scraps for Gees Bend Style Quilt, X&Os scraps, log cabin scraps, English paper piecing scraps, Seminole Patchwork scraps, scraps for applique, strips scraps, knee patch scraps, potholder scraps, UFO scraps, yarn scraps, quilt batting scraps. There is undoubtedly more bags, but it’s a good job I cant think of them because I’m on the verge of a panic attack with the current list. I don’t consider myself a hoarder either, I honestly try and rid myself of excess stuff on a regular basis. In fact, I cleared out a bunch of stuff just last month. How does this happen?

Well, there is no time to dwell on that question. There are more important things like sewing to do.

To start of the celebrations, here is a quilt I began tonight. I think I will call it  A Reaction to the Horrors of Hoarding Quilt. However, that is quite a long title, so I’ll just call it Striped Blocks Quilt instead.

unsophisticated and jejune quilt

Scrap Awareness Month is a time to become re-acquainted with your supplies. I recommend taking stock of all that you have, organise it in a way that suits you, and then cram it through the machine until it looks presentable.

Scrap Awareness Month: Take stock. Take scraps. Take victory.  


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