Charity Shop Fabric Finds

I do love buying fabric from a charity shop, it saves me the heartache when I know I cannot afford to spend the £12 per meter price tag for all the lovely quilting fabrics at the real shops. So when I see a great bit of material at a good price, it makes the world feel a little kinder. Today the world is twice as kind as I managed to spot two lovelies that I cannot wait to put to use!


At the British Red Cross I found this great wool blanket, and it is absolutely massive! I have been working on a Lone Star Quilt, for a double bed. My double bed. While I haven’t fully finished the top yet, I thought I should grab this blanket since it was £1.99. And while I don’t think many people are racing to find wool blankets in this heat, I snatched it as soon as I saw it on the rail; it was just what I wanted! I have always wanted to make a quilt with wool batting, but cant find it stocked around here. A few months ago I was at a carboot sale and saw a double sized wool blanket for sale. As I stood there deciding if I wanted to walk it all the 45 minutes home, a woman came up behind me and grabbed it for £2! Saddened, but also relieved I didn’t have to lug it around with me, I had learnt my lesson to pick things up while deciding.

IMG_5007 IMG_5011

I also went to PDSA, The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, as they always have a good range of fabric. I found this great bit of cotton fabric, which has a wood block printed pattern. It’s at least two metres worth, again for £1.99. What a good day! I plan to make this into a gathered skirt with a button up waistband. I have one skirt that fits me well, and it is the only one that I have made. It was really easy to do, I don’t know why I didn’t make more! Since I have finished university, I found tons of energy for sewing clothes; I always felt like it was a bit of chore compared to quilts, but I am really enjoying it and excited to learn some new techniques. I do also need some new clothes!


Note that I am using my new summer floral bag that I finished for yesterday’s Finished Object Friday! I’m glad I took it out with me as it definitely proved it’s strength today carrying that blanket about. Maybe I’ll make that skirt in time for next Fridays Finished Object…


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