Snitting is the new Knitting | Scrap Awareness Month: July 2015

scrap knitting

No. More. New. Yarn.

With these four words I am trying to harness the urge for new. These are some prime moments that I tell them to myself:

when I see things on pinterest…well, if I had some chunkier wool then I could do that…

when sifting through my current projects… I don’t like that, I don’t like this, well I obviously didn’t know what I was doing with this one, what in the world is it? 

when I leave the house… I’ll bring my loyalty card just incase!

And these four words are doing the trick to subdue that clever voice in my head that just wants new yarn, which translates to more yarn = more knitting, so I can’t be overly angry at it. However, this equation just isn’t true. I think it is more like new yarn = more knitting projects = less time = less knitting completed. While lots of knitting might  be going on, if all it becomes about is the process then its only half as fun, if that. Most of the joy I get from knitting, or making anything in fact, is the outcome; I like to make things so I can use them, wear them, eat them!

So with these considerations, I am no longer buying yarn. I have tons of the stuff. I have several projects. I need to get them done. I don’t want the yarn to sit in a bag forever. It might get sad. I’ll get sad!

So I introduce you to “snitting”. I tell you that Snitting is the new knitting. It’s Scrap Awareness Month after all! Scrap Awareness is this July’s focus, as I am trying to sort out my project priorities and get some real de-stashing done. I am moving out of my house in early September, so really want to get some of my WIP’s (works in progress) done and out the way. The goal is that I won’t have to pack so much ‘craft baggage’, and yes, all the supplies have become a real source of burden! It causes pain because I love all my yarns and fabrics, and I don’t like to waste things. By having something sit in a bag for a year until I decide to use it, is something I consider wasteful. Someone else might have needed to use it in that time, but I was the only thing stopping that from happening! So I am hoping to put an end to that way of consuming craft supplies. I don’t need new yarn, and it is very refreshing to use what I have already got!

scrap knits

“Snitting” is knitting with scraps. I have the smallest lengths of yarn that have been tied together to make a long new yarn.  Then the tied yarn is chrocheted into a single chain, which makes it a thicker weight. I do this because I want to knit it up quick with my 10mm bamboo needles; I do love a good smooth knitting needle adventure! You can see above, these are some of my oddments of yarn that I will be using. I have finished off all the snips and scraps and am moving onto bigger things. These oddments are born from a few projects that I frogged with recycling in mind. I will just tie these together as I go, and see what happens – its like making your own variegated yarn!

scrap knit

I think this project will be a little dog or cat blanket. I need to see if Batter-Sea Dogs Center take in things like this first, as I have never knitted for charity before. If you have any know how on this, let me know in the comments! It is something that I would really like to get more involved in. Seriously, how many scarves does one kid need?!

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8 thoughts on “Snitting is the new Knitting | Scrap Awareness Month: July 2015

    1. Yes, get those scraps working! You could always work on the crochet bit while you decide what it’s future holds! Hannah x

      1. Tell me about it! I tied the yarn together and then crocheted it. It helped the knots become less obvious, and that way I could just keep the work on the needles, adding more yarn as I saw fit! Hannah

    1. Extraordinary! I have never heard of twiddle muffs, and probably wouldn’t have if not for you, so thank you. You could leave the tails long after knotting to add more texture. I cut all mine off! I’ll keep this in mind, for my next big yarn de-stash! Hannah

  1. […] While I am sad to have to put this project on hold while I create more scrap yarn, I feel accomplished that I have done some good stash busting work! I wanted to make it as a pet blanket to send to a dogs center, but it is still far too small at 15″x15″ approximately. I made it by tying together scraps of yarn, which I then crocheted, then knitted. Three stages, but it was super quick and easy. You can see the progress reports I made when making it in these two posts, Snitting Knitting and Snitting is the New Knitting. […]

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