WIP Striped Blocks Quilt | Scrap Awareness Month: July 2015

Here is the second installment of the Striped Blocks Quilt that I first posted a photo of it in Scrap Awareness Month: July 2015, where I declared July to be Scrap Awareness Month. Scrap Awareness Month, is a call to become reacquainted with your stash of whatever you have: yarn stash, fabric stash, embroidery floss stash, anything! The Scrap Awareness mantra is Take stock. Take scraps. Take victory. I am on a mission to become scrap free as preparation for moving house in September since a large percentage of my belongings fit within this scrap category. I need less faffing in my life and right now scraps are just another faff, when I know I should be seeing them with joy and wonderment since they were saved with the sacred thoughts of potential. So I wanted to honour the scraps potential, and all the time I spent cutting out and organising my scrap system, in a way that doesn’t require too much faffing about – so for one month only will I be dealing with scrap fabric.

Stacked Quilt WIP

I thought this sort of pattern would be good for using up some of the medium sized scraps. The rectangles I needed to cut out for it were still quite small so I was able to use up some of the awkward scraps too. It was real quick to cut up, I used scissors and pinned paper templates, but you could be lightening speed if you used a rotary cutter! I had been saving up lots of fabric in pinks, greens and blues, so the quilts I am working on are mostly these colours at the moment. I cant decide if I should put a border on it yet. I am halfway through it, so I’ll focus on finishing getting it all together before I contemplate over that.  If you have any colour suggestions though, that would be very helpful! I basically have blues and pinks and greens as options.

detail quilt

For now I have been focusing on just making the quilt tops, but I think I will move on to the actual quilting pretty soon. I do need to sort out my big bag of quilt batting; I’ve been putting this off since it sounds like a boring task. I am thinking of sewing all the offcuts together to make a larger piece, I‘ve done this before to save on material waste and money, but always whip-stitched it by hand – this time I might just attempt a large zig-zag on the machine….  I’ve got loads of offcuts of polyester batting, which I don’t want to use because it is a terror for bearding, but I’ve got loads of it! Maybe I’ll use the stuff for bags… quilted bags are fun, yes?

As always… Take stock. Take scraps. Take victory.


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