Snitting Knitting WIP | Scrap Awareness Month: July 2015

Scrap Awareness Month: Take stock. Take scraps. Take Victory.

knitting WIP SAMHere is my quick update on the snitted, scrap knitted,  blanket. It is so fun to make! I think it’s always nice to get away from the smaller knitting needles, and have a fun, hand-cramp-free break with some bigger ones. And it works so quickly. I’m not used to this since I have got a jumper being made on 4mm, which is not too awful, and a red sock on 2.75mm, yes… awful! While I definitely have an eye for those “finer” knits, chunky knits have a space in my heart for those times when you just want to knit, not count stitches!

You might be able to see there that I have some un-crocheted yarn in the midst of the tangled pile – this is because it is big wool, so there isn’t any need! I just tie off the crochet yarn that I will knot it to, and after tying together I proceed as normal.

For those who have not heard of snitting, please check out my early post, where I write about things I have made up. Like Scrap Awareness Month. And snitting. Which is basically knitting with scraps!

knitting SAM

Shared with My Favourite Things Party hosted by Dear Creatives and Wow me Wednesday at Ginger Snap Crafts


7 thoughts on “Snitting Knitting WIP | Scrap Awareness Month: July 2015

    1. Hi there! That HP blanket looks fun, I guess she is tying the yarn together as I am doing too, it looks that way. I am using 10mm needles and a 7mm crochet hook and most of the yarn is four-ply worsted. I was really scared I would hate the colours as I was doing it randomly, but I have to say it’s turned out to be a lovely surprise! I truly recommend trying it out!

      1. I looks fab 🙂 I brought myself a pair of long 10mm needles a while back 🙂 This project might be good for their first outting.

        I agree – your colour combo looks awesome! 🙂

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