WIP|The Knitted Blue Jumper

I’ve been meaning to write some posts about the projects I am currently keeping, I’ve got a handful on the go at the moment. I don’t think that is ever not the case, although I like to dream of the day I could sit and complete one project at a time. Read one book at a time. Just do one thing at a time. Oh imaginary bliss, so far away! I feel simultaneously stressed by having multiple projects and comforted by having so much fun things to do. I think I forget that it is meant to be fun, this crafting shit. I too often turn it into a race against time, and try to go into “set goal and achieve” mode, whereas I am usually in “well, I’ve got this yarn, may as well get something started with it then” mode. I attempt to accept that I am a multi-project-person, but the allure of a less cluttered choice of projects is still there in me, somewhere.


One of the current projects I’d like to introduce to you today is the blue jumper! It’s going quite well so far. I found the pattern at a charity shop for 10p back in May. I started with the back piece, and now I am on the front. I sort of wish I hadn’t done the contrasting colour band, but it is too late now! I thought about turning it into a cardigan with a contrasting neckband last night, but decided to just go with the pattern and keep what I’ve got going. I might add some of that lighter blue in the front, or as a yoke maybe. I’m not sure yet. Originally I wanted a plain one colour jumper, but with all the shades of blue and grey yarn around, I think I got tricked into using them. Darned yarn!


The pattern has two lace panels that go up vertically on the left and right sides of the front, which are really easy to do, now that I’ve got the hang of it anyway. I made some mistakes, but I don’t think they are that noticeable, so I just kept them in!

IMG_5247 IMG_5280

I hope I can get this finished before I move out, so I will aim for the end of August. (Here I go ruining the fun.) But then it can be ready to wear for Autumn! I do hope I have enough yarn for it! (I definitely don’t. uh oh.) Has anyone ever made a scrap yarn jumper? If you have been following along lately, you’ll know that I am going on a yarn buying strike, and am working towards decluttering my craft stash from scraps of yarn and fabric. I have named this July “Scrap Awareness Month” as I try to use up all my scraps this month. I didn’t consider this jumper as a scrap project, but it might have to become one if I run out of yarn!

Shared with Happiness is Homemade by A Peek into my Paradise and FDTR by The DIY Dreamer and Wow me Wednesday at Ginger Snap Crafts


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