Anything goes: It’s Corn Day! | Elimination Diet + Yarn

It is corn day, people! I am having corn for breakfast, corn for lunch, corn for dinner and all the snacks in between! I haven’t eaten corn for a long long time because I’ve been on an elimination diet to see what was making me feel so ill all the time. About three months I think it has been, it wasn’t meant to take this long but I got ill from iron deficiency for a few weeks and had to wait to replenish my iron levels before I could reintroduce more foods. I didn’t think I would miss corn, but it is an ingredient that seems to pop up in everything, think cornstarch, cornflour, corn syrup. It is in all the gluten free products. Tortilla Chips. Popcorn. Corn bread muffins.

These are the corn based foods I bought yesterday. Also here is me getting excited over Corn Flakes this morning. Can you see I just spilled loads of corn flakes on the floor beneath me? I was excitable! I don’t usually even like cornflakes, but I haven’t had cereal with cold milk for again, three months. I think my taste buds have changed a bit since doing this way of eating, or I just appreciate food much more. I had two bowls for breakfast this morning. I’ll have another after I write this post!

IMG_5530 IMG_5540

So, what’s so special about Corn Day? you ask. You say, why did you not write anything about Dairy Day, or Egg Day? Well, I will tell you.

Unlike any other day, Corn Day is one of those days where anything goes. You can do whatever you like on Corn Day. For example, you could go out to the yarn shop to ask for a job application form but then leave with a bunch of yarn. But that is just one example.


I know I am not supposed to be buying yarn. I said I wouldn’t. I am weak. As I deliberated over buying it or not, I actually just told myself, “It’s Corn Day!” For if I pretend that it is a valid reason, as if Corn Day is a real thing, the logic seems pretty clear. The thought process of it goes along the lines of: It’s Corn Day, anything goes! I’ll buy this yarn then. I wish it was Corn Day everyday!

Sirdar Supersoft Aran is my favourite yarn. And the grey and mustard was 50% off. And the blue, well I just decided to get it for the jumper. Corn Day! And then, I got myself some new sock yarn. I didn’t like the sock yarn I got last time, Drops Fabel Print, because it was hard to work with. So I got some exciting colourful yarn for my feet. Corn Day! That was on sale too. I’m so good at shopping.


All you have to do is look at the difference in these two yarns. The top one is all nice and new! And it is made by Sirdar! It’s name is a play on words, Heart & Sole, genius! It must be really good yarn! It is for socks! Then look at the yarn below. Yuck! Disgusting! The worst yarn ever! Okay, I’ll admit, they are really really similar, and the new yarn will probably be a bit of a pain to work too because I’ve been used to knitting worsted, and chunkier yarns for a while. I just like to try and justify my decisions. Oh wait, I don’t have to; it’s Corn Day!

Oh yes, it is sock day soon. Is that even more exciting than Corn Day? The answer is yes.

Shared with Do Tell Tuesday with Tori Grant Designs and Show and Tell at Sugar Bee Crafts


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