knitting socks | week two


I began the week with a great amount of obsession with knitting these socks. Then I got a bit distracted, maybe distracted isn’t the right word because it was good distraction. I had to change my priorities and bring socks down a notch on the craft scale, just one notch! Socks are in second place, the quilt I am making for The Festival of Quilts is in first place now, since there are prizes, and money, at stake! And I like both of those things.


But since I like socks too, I treated him well and took little sockie to the beach. So this is on Saturday. I made a mistake in the ribbing pattern, and was unpicking it while at the beach, I really dislike doing that; the sun made it feel slightly better!


And this is him this morning! I planned for doing a stripe of colour per day, but once I made that rule all the stripes began to take ages! It was a nice thought though.

Go on ahead and check out my sock alonger, co knitter, knitting buddy Maggs at her blog, Project Accomplished where she is chronicling her sock adventures too. You are welcome to join in, where every Thursday we talk about our sock, soon to be plural, socks.

That’s it for week two!

Week one: Knit-a-sock-along


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