Knitting on a Train + Making Those Huge Decisions.

Last week I visited my parents, taking the train from Brighton to Cheshire. I packed some knitting: but packed brand new knitting instead of any of the WIP’s. I don’t really like knitting on trains when they are busy, I fling my needles around a lot so it’s a bit of a bother for the person sat next to me! I get nervous of people watching me, I always think they are judging my knitting skills, even though they probably don’t knit. So I did not pack my socks that I have got on the go for the knit along, but I packed something that didn’t require too much attention. I was pleased to use up the oddments of Big Bamboo too, and on the old 10mm sticks. I seem to be getting those out a lot these days! Decided on a nice bit of basket weave- it might be a bag lined with fabric…


Well wouldn’t you know it, the train was practically empty the whole way there! I had only four other people in my carriage for company, I got two seats all to myself and had some good train time. I love the restriction trains put on you. All you can do is read your book or knit, or whatever it is you packed in your bag. I’ll often take time on trains to immerse myself in thought; I sketch ideas, write down goals, and I like to just look out the window. How boring. If I am feeling fancy I might listen to music. One time I was extravagant and borrowed my friends iPad and watched some shows, but I felt uncomfortable. I must just be super public aware or something. Everyone else seems to get along okay doing that. My brother told me about this guy he keeps seeing on a bus in London who watches on-the-verge-of-porn eastern European pop music videos. Without headphones. He says it is fun watching people sit down next to the guy and do a double take, then move seats!

Knitting is much safer. You might get poked a few times if you sit next to me, but it’s better than a load of naked people dancing to euro pop, of all things. Nightmare!


Once I got to my parents house I got a tour, as they had the house completely re done over the last six months. In the spare room, or the “hotel room” as I like to call it because my mum lays out slippers and a hair dryer on the bed, I also had a congratulatory card and flowers waiting for me too. It’s Well Done-ing me for my First Class Honours BA Degree results. (sneak that in right there…)

I didn’t get too much knitting done during my stay, because we were busy talking over future plans on where to live. I want to move to the USA, with my eye on Portland, despite never having had been there. Yet.Β My mum doesn’t want me to go really, but she’ll warm up to the idea I’m sure! I have dual citizenship with the UK and USA, so it’s always been a tempting option for me. But we also discussed the meanwhile, and it looks like I might make Manchester my home for a few months or more while I save up some money. Exciting times ahead. It’s just so hard to make decisions. I can’t even decide on what this bit of knitting is all about, never mind a country. I don’t think it is a bag anymore. Is it the beginnings of a blanket? Another scarf? Honestly.


3 thoughts on “Knitting on a Train + Making Those Huge Decisions.

  1. You are a brave soul! International moves (well another one) would totally scare me. Though, if you do even just come visit, I recommend packing more than one project just in case πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations on the course! Your parents are proud but also worry about you. No matter how old you get, that’s their job, so just adjust to being an adult with worrisome parents. (I’m a parent with adult children in their 39’s, so I know this). The way to handle it is to talk to them often and to reassure them with your confidence. Okay, enough momma-with-her-nose-in-your-business talk.
    I’m curious about how many knitting projects you have going at a time. It sounds like several. I guess that means you can work on whichever suites your mood, and that is a good idea. The basket-weave can be your current “TBA” project and just knit till it decides what it wants to be. BTW, I love the look of that basket-weave.

    1. Oh boy, this was posted in July and I’m still reassuring my parents of my confidence! I’m getting better at it, I think we are developing trust πŸ™‚ I had a big clear out in January and eliminated a lot of knitting projects. I can count the knitting projects as currently I only have a sock, a jumper, a toy rabbit, a scrap blanket and a crochet granny square blanket. I feel like that is enough variation although I find myself switching between the sock and jumper! As for quilts, it’s a bit harder to tell… There are a lot of scraps and random pieced bits about as well as tops that need to be quilted. I have two quilts that need binding too. It’s all chaos! How do you work on your projects? Do you go one at a time or dip into different ones when you feel it?

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