knitting socks | week three

I can barely believe that it is week three already! And I feel I do not have much to show for it. Three weeks? My sock can now get onto my foot, however. And I think that it is actually going to fit, despite ignoring the crucial stage of gauge! So HA! boring exercise I WIN. This time at least. I think.

I found out I have been knitting inside out on the dpns this entire time, who knew that was a thing that could happen? I didn’t, so I freaked out thinking I would have to start all over again. As I sat there trying to visualise reverse stockinette in sock form and whether that was a good move or not, I remembered about the internet. I discovered that I was holding the needles a bit strangely, and it is a common problem. Most importantly, I found that it really easy to fix, all you have to do is pull your sock right side out, then carry on knitting THE RIGHT WAY.


As I write this I am unaware of how far along my co-knitter is with her own sock. She is probably plural by now. I won’t be plural even next week I imagine; still carrying one lonely sock around with me. Needless to say, I’m sure she has more to offer than I do, so go check out her progress in our sock knitting project at Project Accomplished. And if you want to join in, go ahead and talk about socks on Thursdays. Don’t feel you need to catch up, take the topic as far and as wide as you want! You can talk sock the rest of your life, it’s fine with us!


9 thoughts on “knitting socks | week three

  1. I’m pretty sure my first several dpn projects were knitted inside out. I sort of vaguely recognized it at the time but things were turning out fine, so I figured that’s just how it was done. I had a break from knitting and when I took it back up, my dpn knitting just sort of “corrected” itself.

    1. That’s so great you fixed it by the power of not even trying! That is my preferred method of getting things done, but it hardly ever works out that way. I know what you mean about vaguely recognising it, as I was doing rib it looked normal, but the way I was holding the sock was just a bit off. All fixed now!

  2. Nope! It turns out I lost a day this week and completely forgot to post yesterday (sorry! the post was ready, I swear). I’m still on one sock and nearing the arch!
    You are rocking those socks!!!

    1. Well, I was close to missing yesterday too. Just out of pure laziness, but I got it together in the evening! Don’t feel bad! 🙂

    1. Hello! Man, I am sorry I missed last week’s post! Things got a little hectic with the festival of quilts and all that. I will be on it tomorrow though! Thanks for checking in! 😊

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