Quilt Update | Scrap Awareness Month: July Edition

In last week’s post for the knit-a-sock-along, I outlined some of the reasons why I had been away from the blog for a couple of weeks; graduation, festival of quilts and flat hunting. While I have been busy, I assure you I did not give up on crafting in the middle of it all. I just didn’t tell anyone about it.

This is a little round up of the outcome of the Scrap Awareness Month, July edition. I know it ain’t July no more, but I couldn’t decide whether to bring it through to August or not. I think keeping it to July is simpler, since these projects happened in July. I am still finishing some stuff off, then I’ll post about each of the projects once they are finished up.



I think the first quilt I posted about was the crumb quilt, which is going really well. I hope that I will finish at least the top before I move out in a weeks time. And while I still have a huge pile of scraps to conquer, I am positive I can get through enough of it to finish this quilt. I think I’ll add a few more rows to square it up, it is a bit of an odd size at the minute at around a metre by a metre and a bit. Here is the first post on the beginning stages of this quilt : Oh Crumbs! I’m Making a Crumb Quilt.



And this here quilt is the from the very first Scrap Awareness Month post, at the beginning of July. I have finished the top now, it is just a small lap sized or baby quilt. I got some green backing fabric for it too. Although I’m not a hundred percent on that decision yet. I want to give it a bright bias binding edging, maybe orange, or a brighter pink. We will see…



Here is a quilt inspired by the quilts of Gees bend. This is my favourite of the lot. I just love no fuss quilts! And this is the biggest quilt I have made to date. Not sure how quilting it will go! Not sure how basting it will go!Ā I tell you I’m not looking forward to that job. Sorry you can’t see the entire quilt in the photo, I had to fold it so it would hang properly.



This quilt is the baby of the House Tops Quilt, using the blocks that didn’t get to go in the original quilt. This is close to being my favourite, but only gets second place as it is smaller. But my favourite part of this quilt is that it is made from scraps that have the stamp of the fabric bolt number in red and black ink. This reminds me of the 1930s quilts where people used the flour sacks, and sometimes the flour brand could still be seen on the fabric. And I got those bits of fabric for pennies because of it! There are alot of old clothes in this quilt too, the white with multicloured petals was a blouse my mum was giving to charity but I stole it out the box. The green with white stripes used to be a jumpsuit. I found the hexagon patchwork patterned sheet in the street. (I cleaned it real good.) I also got the pink abstract pattern from the free pile of textiles that used to be at the carboot sale at the Marina. I miss that pile.



A lot of the posts for Scrap Awareness Month were focused on the Scrap knitting blanket thing. It is still not done, but I ran out of yarn scraps… so I consider this as the only successful Scrap Awareness Project! I am currently collecting scraps as I go though, so will be able to add more to it in a few months time.

I wish I had been more organised about July, but really I couldn’t have picked a busier month to start a huge project such as trying to eliminate scraps from my life! But I persist… as the motto goes,

Scrap Awareness Month: Take stock. Take scraps. Take victory. Ā 

Here are the links to all the Scrap Awareness Month posts in order:

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