knitting socks | week six


I had some company this week while knitting my sock. This is Peggy, our little ratbag. My housemates have two rats, Peggy and Luanne, who are named after the characters in King of the Hill. I had never sat with the rats while knitting before, due to the thought that teeth and yarn do not mix. Peggy is more affectionate and enjoys sitting on my lap or trying to bury her face in my clothes. Whereas Luanne prefers to wander around..chewing things. She had a brief go at the yarn, but I showed her what for!

Here is Luanne, the pretty rat. She is younger, and smaller and daughter of Peggy.



And here is the six week old sock. I have just got past the heel flap and gusset bit which I enjoyed immensely. For a while when I was knitting I kept on imagining how I was supposed to be knitting it, and since I had only ever knitted socks on straight needles, I kept on imagining it that way. Then all of sudden, after I had re-read the pattern, Β I realised that there would be no seams. No seams at all! I realise that it sounds a little dumb of me not to take that as fact when I picked up the dpns…but you know, I can’t think of everything. That was one thought I let go of for a while. So when it came back to me, I was overwhelmed with joy and relief since I abhor sewing seams. Thus I enjoyed that little section immensely.

If I remember correctly, it is around this point in the sock where Maggie, who is knitting her second sock now, was blessed with the vision of sock construction. And really, the heel turn and gusset, while the most complicated bit of the sock, isn’t really that hard. Don’t let it scare you!

Another immensely enjoyable aspect of life at the moment is the exciting news… WE CAUGHT ONE. Co knitter Maggie and I caught a first time sock knitter and rounded on her until she said she would join us. No not really. Happily, Paula is joining us in our knit-a-sock-along to tell us of her toe-up socks. It is such a pleasure to have a third person. Not only does it strengthen our plea for knitters to lessen the fear surrounding double pointed needles by blogging about their experience of knitting socks,Β but it also means we can call ourselves the three musk-knitteers. And how great is that?

But, if you want to ruin the pun and join in with the fun, then join us by posting your own sock story every Thursday, alongside myself, andΒ Maggs at Project Accomplished and Paula at Spin A Yarn .


11 thoughts on “knitting socks | week six

  1. I’m so amped about your sock!!!! It looks great and you’re almost done!

    I’m really digging the Three Muske-knitters πŸ˜€ but now people might not join us because that’s so cool πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. I’m so excited to see all the sock posts and I’m so glad we’re doing this! I mean: socks- that we made!!! What’s not to love?

    1. I am sure we can gather more! I’m getting excited about my next pair of socks- a bit prematurely perhaps. Just loving the socks. πŸ™‚ I’ve been packing up my stuff for moving out next week and while sorting through some dvds I found the film β€œHappy Feet”. I would have happily assumed it to be documentary about socks if it wasn’t for all the pictures of dancing penguins on the cover.

      1. I know right? I cant decide between short row heels or after-thought heeled socks for my next pair! Socks are addictive and seriously awesome! So i agree, hopefully we can gwt more people in on this πŸ™‚
        Your comments makes me wish there was a documentary out there about sock making that I could curl up with right now πŸ™‚

      2. My decisions do not span that broadly for the next pair… Should I knit some Gryffindor Socks… or redo this pattern but with a bit of fair-isle on the tops instead? I like the idea of having an automatic go to sock pattern, so I think if these ones turn out nicely, I will do them again but with a twist!

      3. Smart! I should probably do this pattern again, and get it down properly before rushing off to do another but I am curious about different kinds of heels. Short row heels don’t involve gussets, so that’s kind of cool and with after though heels you can easily replace parts of the sock that wear out the fastest without much fuss.
        Yes πŸ™‚ I have been binge reading about socks because I’m a huge geek and also, because I want to explore a bit before I settle down, though when I do, I’m knitting Harry Potter socks STAT! Ravenclaw, of course πŸ˜€

      4. No, I think you should experiment! The short row heels sound tempting actually. I never considered the merits of each method, just assuming it all is dependant on the makers preference. ☺ I’m so glad you’ve been taken over by socks! Unfortunately I am probably a Hufflepuff… but I do not want yellow socks. I could do mustard? I like mustard. And love badgers… I could make all the houses… oh no, what have I just said! ☺

      5. Short row heels totally scare me, which is why they’re next. I’m not having any of that scared nonsense. And as a reward, I get to try the after-thought heel, which I think might be my favorite because if I knit a sock, I expect it to last forever with a bit of maintenance πŸ™‚ All of them will get Kitchener stitch toes, and then I’ll move on to different kinds of heels, toes etc. I’m totally happy to take one for the team and try all this out, the worst that can happen is that I end up with too many socks – and is there really such a thing?
        Yes, do mustard!!!
        I’ve always thought of Hufflepuff as a deep yellow anyway. I haven’t tried Ravenclaw stuff yet because I haven’t been able to find bronze wool and I refuse to change it to silver or orange. That and the wife is a Gryffindor so there’s a bit of conflict πŸ˜‰

      6. Also, badgers are adorable! I don’t think we have any here, which is sad, but I say make a badger sweater or something – this way it can have a badger on it, or just look like a badger with stripes down the back.

  2. I was sitting here laughing out loud at the three musk-kniteers πŸ™‚ If all goes well with this pattern, it might become my go to pattern. However, there are so many beautiful patterns out there and I want to try them all. Have you two seen the blog, The Sock Monkey? Josiah is a 16 year old budding designer and has great, free patterns on Ravelry. I’ll find the links when I get back on my computer if you would like. My Ravelry name is ftlsweetie.

    1. Great! I’m sure your sock will work out, since all the knits you’ve knitted on your blog look wonderful! I haven’t see that blog, I will check it out today though for sure. I find looking at the next pair pushes me forward on this pair. I don’t know if I even have a ravelry account, I never use it really, so I cannot remember! ☺

      1. OMG! You are missing out if you don’t have one! There are oodles of free patterns!!!

        Here’s the blog I was talking about, so you don’t have to go searching:

        Thank you so much for the beautiful words of encouragement πŸ™‚ I really just got into knitting in February of this year, so I’m still new at my craft. I had only made a scarf before that time and that was years ago. I learn something new with every single pattern and thank goodness for YouTube and the knitting group I go to every Thursday!

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