God Bless This Quilt + the maniac who made it. | Finished Object Friday

This quilt had been haunting me from “The Pile of Dread”; the corner of my room where all the WIPs sit waiting for me to follow through. I swear these quilts conspire in the night to go out collecting dust for themselves because there isn’t dust on anything else. They must get so fed up with me. Oh how those new projects have a freshΒ charisma that the “Pile of Dread Quilts” grew out of.

God Bless Quilt

The Pile of Dread was fortunate today since I got a bit bored of doing the crumb quilt that I’ve been working on. On looking through the pile I found the first quilt I did free motion quilting on! It’s a bit of a mess as far as quilts go: the batting is an old towel, I accidentally used white instead of grey bobbin thread for half the quilt, and well, it’s my first attempt at free motion.

The good news is that my favourite quilts are the ones that look like maniacs made them. I suppose I made one of those, which I am really proud about. I know by the reactions of some people that they think it is horrendous. It’s hard to explain to people that I wasn’t trying to make something else. Something nicer. Β It’s meant to be this way, I say. Even if I cannot win them over, I stand up and proudly declare; This quilt was made from a consistent series of bad decisions and lack of skill, this quilt embodies the authentic voice of the amateur! Good for me, right?


I grew this quilt from a few leftover blocks from other quilts and sort of shoved them all into one quilt. It was a really quick quilt as I bypassed the basting by piecing it directly onto the batting in a stitch and flip method! That was genius. I forgot I did that actually, I haven’t done it since.

The quilt is small, about the size of a yoga mat, which is what I intend to be using it for.Β I have been focusing more on trying to lessen my anxieties and it is really hard to relax when your carpet is covered in thread tails, and you know that now you are too. I’m forever picking thread off myself!

My favourite block might have to be the lower right star. Somehow, as I was cutting a thread while I was re-positioning when quilting, I cut a bit of the quilt top off too. I patched it up by appliqueing a red square over the mistake. Another point to the maniac!



Rediscovering this quilt has made me excited to make another in the same style. I’ve got this novelty wildlife print that will definitely feature in the next one! I implore you to make like a maniac would: remove yourself from any preconceived notions that you might have on what makes a quilt good and just make from the heart, not from the mind. You might surprise yourself with the results!

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8 thoughts on “God Bless This Quilt + the maniac who made it. | Finished Object Friday

  1. This is kind of cool, I love the stitching and this idea of free motion πŸ™‚ I hope it’s okay to say this but your quilt made me think of tan-grams, which I love and need to become a bigger part of my crafting. Well done!

    1. Thanks! I had never heard of tan-grams before, they are really beautiful.I like the animal ones πŸ™‚ Definitely something that could be incorporated into a quilt design!

      1. You can make all sorts of stuff with them – especially if you have a large set. They seem perfectly in sync with quilting now that I think about it πŸ™‚

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