knitting socks | week seven

Today is my moving out day, so it will have to be a short one!

I have been packing like crazy all week. I have also been napping like a madman. I have began running again too. That is insanity if I ever heard it! My housemate caught me the other day while I was napping in my bed, all wrapped up in my duvet, except for my feet that were poking out off the side of the bed; complete with running shoes on. My knitting was probably next to me, but I can’t be certain… little sock has been largely left alone the past week. And now I have unfortunately packed my knitting away, I can’t even remember where I am at. I am still no where near the toe. I packed it in the bag of fun for the car ride, so maybe lll be able to snap a quick photo later on.

Otherwise than that, I can’t think of much else to tell you. I don’t even have a photo because my camera and all that is packed away! But here, I’ll add a photo from last week, then just imagine it is maybe an inch longer. I think I am on a teal stripe!


I guess that is it. Onwards to Manchester! Tallyho!


9 thoughts on “knitting socks | week seven

    1. Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to send my comment on your blog post but here it is anyway :Hi paula ! Your sock looks great! Your going to take over me! One thing I have learnt from this knitting group is that I am a slow poke. Oh well. I am enjoying ambling along anyhow. I will hopefully be back on the scene next week, once my Internet is all set up. Currently I am relying on a mixture of cafes, trams and the library for my online needs. And are not the best places to blog from. I like sitting in bed when I write about socks you see! ā˜ŗ I hope your dogs get better soon. And have a great holiday! X

    1. I miss sock group too, I will be socking it on Thursday though! Had a bit of a stressful fortnight, with lots of stuff going on. Now I am just trying to get things feeling normal again, and making time for things that feel good to do, like blogging. ā˜ŗ I managed to check into your blog a couple of times, I don’t want to be left behind! Socks, wow. X

      1. Never, you’re totally getting dragged along on sock adventures whether you like it or not šŸ˜‰ I am missing yet another sock day, but I’ll be back next week. I wanted to get my head on properly before I started blogging again and despite my best efforts, that hasn’t happened until recently. I’m glad you’ve settled in okay, though that job interview did sound awful šŸ˜¦

      2. Oh no, maybe we should just start tag teaming sock group together. Don’t worry, I got your back this week mate! If I could, I’d be over there making you cups of tea and untangling your yarn from your boot velcro. ā˜ŗ glad to hear from you and I wish you well!

      3. Lol, I’m down for that tag team group šŸ˜‰
        And I really wish you lived closer if you’d make me cups of tea – thankfully I’ve been really paranoid about my yarn going anywhere near my boot, so no tangles yet. I had enough of that to last for a good while in the weeks I was organizing my yarn last month!

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