Sunshine Award


I thought my first post back should be one that reminds you of how great I am.

I’m an award winner. I would like to thank Maggie, who may or may not remember that she did in fact give me the Sunshine Award two months ago. It was quite a while back….

Since hearing of my new stature, I have been basking in my glory, speechless to the screen, far too amazed at the wonder of me to write a deserving word. And while that certainly did take up a lot of my time, I also moved house to a new city. Where I had no internet for a couple of weeks. And the internet at the library is just so slow! It took two trips there to download an episode of The Great British Bake Off. And even then, it failed at the last minute. Alas, I have internet of my own now, and I have caught up. Finals next week!

Currently I am waiting to hear back from some job interviews, nothing fancy, just bar work and waiting-on. One interview at a restaurant made me want to quit before I had even got the job. The owner, gave me a tour and pointed at things saying “You will clean this”, or “You will clean that” or ” And over here.” It wasn’t even a cleaning job.

On more fun and worthwhile activities, I have become a member of a Print Workshop, and started printing some new work last week. Hurrah! It feels good to have dirty nails again. I will be going later today, just cant get enough of those fumes!

It surely goes without saying that I have had threads, cottons and yarns in my hands the entire time, sewing all kinds and knitting all sorts. I’m working on my next big project which is to start an etsy store. But that is getting sorted. ooh.


On to the Award business – Maggie asked her nominees to answer these questions:

Q: Tell me a bit about a craft item that you’ve inherited, that you didn’t think you’d need but now can’t live without. The inherited part can be optional.

A: One thing I lost in my house move was my stick. It isn’t fancy, and is completely replicable. It was a scrap of wood that was the perfect width to make bias binding strips. 6cm wide, I think. I then drew out inch marks on it in pen, 56 inches. I would use that stick in conjunction with two books to square my quilts. I’m pretty low tech. I picked this bit of wood off the street for some other project, and it sat in my hallway for a few weeks before I discovered its potential to be the ultimate quilt ruler.

2.  What’s your craziest project story?

I have this year graduated from doing a  Fine Art Printmaking BA, so up to now many of my big quilting projects have been related to my course work. I think working to deadlines creates a great mindset for craziness to thrive. If I am honest projects sort of pass by in a blur and I cant think what happens. Probably to do with the lack of sleep and caffeine ratio. I can only describe high levels of stress, then ping!, a quilt arrives on the scene. How did that get there? I ask.

3. What’s one thing you’re kind of curious about but slightly weary of trying?

I would love to make a rug. I want to make one of cotton fabric strips either braided or crocheted together. I am excited to try it, I am still weary of how long it will take and also how much fabric it will require. This is something I have been wanting to try for the past year, only now though I can truly say I need a rug. I need at least three really. The carpet in the new flat is disgusting. It is in pieces actually. Terrible. My rent is cheap.


My nominees are a selection of blogs I know and love and then some recently found ones that have caught my eye. My nominees are as follows:

1. Paula at Spin A Yarn

2. Josie-Anne at Princess Yarn 

3. Catriona at Patina Yarns – with a link to the post on her socks she made from yarn she dyed herself. 

4. Maggie at Project Accomplished – Feels a little bit like nepotism, but I owe alot to her for her enthusiasm, sincerity and the joyful conversations we end up having. So, I hereby award you this award.

My questions for my nominations are:

  1. How do you source your materials? Favourite craft shop, ebay, esty? Steal it?

2. Are you a confident public crafter? Do you knit on trains, quilt in the park, etc?

3. What is your learning process? Do you go one step at a time, or do you push yourself to learn more techniques on every project?

Well, there we have it folks! I am finally back, with an award under my belt, ready to live up to the title. See you guys on Thursday for Knit-A-Sock- Along!



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