knitting socks | week eight


Here we go, my first sock along post in a long while. It is technically not week 8 for me, but for the sake of simplicity let’s pretend it is. Plus it makes me feel less slow, because I am sure socks shouldn’t take this long to knit. I’m a bit rusty at this blogging thing, so I thought I would start you off with a nice big picture of my foot with my toe-less sock. Let that sink in!

Now, I don’t want to be that person making excuses as they enter the room, but, one of the big reasons I didn’t end up posting sooner was that I lost one of the four double pointed needles on the day I moved house! Which was at the end of July. I had other projects to get on with so I packed little sockie away, figuring that the lost needle would either turn up or I would have to buy a replacement. And By George! it did resurface from the depths of my mothers sofa. I retrieved it last week when I went round for dinner, and my mum asked if I wanted her to wrap it up in some kitchen roll for the travel home. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Then again, perhaps I should treat my needles with more respect, and maybe they won’t feel the need to take refuge in other peoples sofas.


Aside from that little set back, I have been a preoccupied on other projects. I have been working on setting up an etsy shop and I have found out there are a lot of little niggles that arise when trying to make everything just-so. So, I’ll post up when I am happy with it. It’ll be for quilts and quilted things. I have decided to keep knitting fun and unrelated from any form of ‘work’.

Also I had my work in a textiles exhibition in Leeds last week, so setting up for that the week before was fun, but hard and cold work! My friend Sarah, who organised the exhibition, chose an old flax mill as our space, so even when it was sunny outside it was freezing inside. I kept volunteering myself to go out into the city center to get things for people just to warm up! My task was to create thisΒ huge 13 metre long curtain to hide one of the less appealing walls that we were not allowed to paint. I took it home and had to stop half way through because it was too big for my flat. But Sarah took this photo of me working on it in the space the next morning. If you fancy a peek at the quiltsΒ I showed check them out here.


I’m glad I am allowed to work on small things now. And I feel confident that I will finish this sock in time for next week.Β I have about another inch to do before I start to shape the toe, and then onwards and upwards to sock number two!

Got a thing for socks? Then why not knit along with our sock group every Thursday, where we post an update on our sock progress. Got a thing for feet? Voyeur away my friend, your bound to catch a glimpse of toe cleavage! My co-knitters Maggie, Paula and Alex are said sock group, so go check in with them to see what they, and their feet are up to this week.


6 thoughts on “knitting socks | week eight

  1. You’re SO CLOSE!!!! I think this is the absolute best part of the sock, when you can see how beautifully it is turning out and at least I feel compelled to finish it so my toes can be warm too πŸ˜€
    Your mom is really smart! While you were away I managed to almost stab myself with a dpn and I still have a fading bruise from it despite the jeans and sweatshirt that stood between the needle and my thigh. I’m never leaving them on the couch again. Ever. Because: ow.

    Congratulations on the exhibit! I had no idea you were having another and now I wish I lived in the UK so I could go experience them.

    1. Yes I am super excited to be finished! Yes I suppose they are quite sharp really! I did almost lay down on my sock the other day, but last minute saved myself from the triple stabbing. The quilt on my bed is in similar colours to my sock yarn so the sock death trap was camouflaged! The whole sock, yarn, 4 dpns that point in all directions combo is just a call for disaster at some point, I’m sorry you got wounded. ☺ yes that is it for exhibitions for the minute, until I find another to do. But for now, quilts and socks!

      1. OMG! That’s a horrible way to go! Now I want to find a right neon orange project bag for you.
        Don’t be sorry, the wounding was my fault for not picking up after crafting. Now I have a nifty needle case and all the pointy devils go in there πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Paula, it has been exciting. But now I feel like an old lady, I just want to sit and eat cake, and make quilts and a sock, if not two. I can’t wait for it to get colder, it somehow justifies the time spent on these crafts! ☺

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