running + coffee + quilting = yes! oh wait, no.

Okay, so I had one thing to do this morning on this quilt. One thing, and I screwed it up. argh.

I have been trying to get myself into a regular morning running routine this past week and a bit. Usually, I am a night runner, but since the days are getting shorter with the early sunsets, I am trying to switch it up. (Dark streets and riversides are scary.) I started off by get getting up and walking around the block, which takes about 10 minutes. Since it was a short commitment I could face it, and twice I went out in my pyjamas, got back and went back to bed! Just getting up to go out is good enough for me, so it counted, in my eyes anyway. I then tried running and it was absolutely horrible. I felt sluggish within minutes and could only do about a quarter of what I could have ran in the evening. My body felt like a different person, and one of those ones that can’t run very well. Then I had a little stroke of genius; I remembered the power of coffee.Β And so this morning I got up and made myself a good and strong coffee. Really strong. Whoosh! (That is the sound of me running.)


I was still buzzing when I got through the door and declared “I will finish this quilt. RIGHT NOW.” This sense of immediacy in the morning is incredibly rare so I didn’t question it. Crazed with excitement, I set to work. Except once I had started I realised that my hands were shaking. I was quilting away thinking to myself Well, well, well, coffee. You don’t agree with quilting too much, do you? After some big wobbles I gave up. Which was a good job because the whole time I was quilting it all wrong! Duh. Those lines are meant to be horizontal, not diagonal.

I plan to have this quilt finished by next week. That is the goal, at least. It is a quilt top I made last year, and I have another exactly the same. But, I might experiment with free motion quilting on the second one; I’d like to see which one I prefer. I do like this one already though, especially the creepy fabric on the back. Trust me, it is a real creepy children’s bedding print. Remember having that slightly scary bed set as a kid? 101 dalmations= 202 unblinking eyes. I am making this one for Etsy, so you’ll get to see all the details once I have listed it!


Not too long after I took this photo I completely crashed and fell asleep. Well, well, well, coffee, you win this time. Next time I will not drink the whole percolator myself, I will have half of it like a normal person would have done. Duh.


6 thoughts on “running + coffee + quilting = yes! oh wait, no.

  1. I liked this the other day; however wanted to comment that I can’t wait to see your Etsy shop! My hubby keeps asking me when I’m going to open mine…when I get enough experience behind my belt / and enough inventory without gifting to friends and family πŸ™‚ Congratulations to you!

  2. Hi Paula! Thanks so much, it is encouraging to hear πŸ™‚ Im with your husband, I think you should go for it! Start to stockpile now for your time. I have a small pile of quilts that I am not allowed to use and it’s really sad. Especially since it is getting colder! 😦

  3. I can’t handle coffee at all! So I understand the shaking hands. Much worse, though, is the running. I can’t imagine getting up to go running! It sounds like a nightmare.

    Your quilt is darling. It reminds me of Amish quilts with the medallion and the solids. I really like your color combination and the quilting. Now that you’ve fixed the error (I almost didn’t see it!) I’m sure it’s stunning. Now, I have to check out your Etsy shop. πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh your so sweet, thank you for your comment! I’m getting better at the running now, so it’s not as nightmarish anymore. But it definitely was at first. And yes I copied the Amish totally! I cant remember what that quilt is called though, maybe a centre square or centre diamond. πŸ™‚

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