Don’t stitch us up | Anti-Austerity Protest 4.10.15

I’m not a person who takes photographs of everyday life, and it is a rarity that I take photographs of things other than what I have been making! But a few weeks ago, my friend and I were headed out to go to a knitting protest and I thought, Well, maybe I can get something for the blog! So that is what I did, I took some photographs for a bit of a show and tell. It might be a bit late, but nevertheless I made the effort to bring my camera out the house and I didn’t want to waste that!


This craftivist meeting was back in September, nearing the end, as the Anti-Austerity Protest was on the 4th October. We were knitting in preparation for the March by making a banner that read “Don’t stitch us up!” I had never been to any craftivist meet before, so it was nice to go along with Sarah, who was visiting me for the weekend. I had taught her how to knit a little less than a year ago, and since then she got crazy hooked and brings her knitting everywhere. It was Sarah too who found out about the knitting protest night. She is my most fruitful student!


The knitting night was being held at a pub in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, and we had the whole upstairs to ourselves. It was really nice to sit in a traditional pub, the low lighting and all the wooden panelling, the old furniture, and with all the knitting women it made me feel like we were in the past.

The banner was made up of 10cmΓ—10 cm squares of red and white to be arranged to make the letters . However, on the night sarah and I had joined in, they laid the banner in progress out on the table to show us what we were contributing to. So far it read “Don’t stitch.” Which was less than motivating, I must say.


It was reported that tens of thousands of people joined in the Anti-Austerity March that started in Manchester Piccadilly Station, where the banner was hanged over the balcony to greet both fellow protesters and any Tories who came by train to get to the Conservative Party Conference, which for some reason, was being held in Manchester where the majority are Labour supporters. Then the banner was marched around the city alongside marchers voicing opposition to policies including spending and benefit cuts, NHS reforms and restrictions on trade unions.The banner was mentioned in nearly every article I read on the protest, so a good bit of publicity for knitting too!



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