knitting socks | week nine. That’ll do.

I’m going to get right to it. Grafting is a load of bollocks.

It is the most soul destroying activity within the realms of knitting.

It is, the worst.

Oh, yes, I finally finished my sock. One out of two! They fit and all!


I managed the grafting on the second try, but it does not please me. I’m pretty sure I did it right, but I am not keen on the finish. It is a very odd shape compared to the other socks I have made, which had round toes. Oh well. What’s done is done. Not the outlook Maggie, my fellow sock knitter, would have. Maggie would have held back her tears, sucked it up and made it right. I’m not like that.


I was taught to knit by my friend, Katie, who held a pie and knitting evening at her house. We ate pie, drank wine and then we had a knitting lesson. Katie is a happy person, and nothing can scare her into being sad. Not even slipped stitches. If there is a gaping hole in your knitting, Katie would say oh, well now you have a way to hang it up on something. Or if you chose needles too big for your yarn Katie would say well, it sort of looks like a fishing net, or maybe a dream catcher! And even now, when I am struggling with my knitting, I repeat what Katie told me each time I was scared of doing it wrong; ah well, it’ll be fine! Just make it up!

This is the opposite approach to everything else I do in my life. Knitting is the only activity that I find it acceptable to act willy nilly. Quilting involves a lot more umming and ahhing over what goes where. Printmaking is a safe haven for my inner neat freak. But knitting gets the meh, just make it up treatment where my can-do attitude is allowed to fizzle out Β into the that’ll-do attitude.Β So, while I admire those of you out there who make the effort to put extra effort into your projects, I happily remain an outsider. These socks have been knitted long enough. That’ll do, Hannah. That’ll do.

If you would like to share your sock knitting spirit with us, please join our Knit-a-sock-along! Sock group members, Maggie, Paula and Alex will be posting an update on their sock progress today too, so hop on over to see what they have on their needles, feet or both. We all try to post each Thursday, but since it is knitting season and what-not, it is no longer considered blasphemous to skip a post! Leave any one of us a message if you fancy joining us and we will make sure we post your name on all the contributing blogs. Sweet deal, I’d say.


7 thoughts on “knitting socks | week nine. That’ll do.

  1. Nope. Maggie would cry her eyes out, then brood over a cup of tea and then decide the she was more stubborn than a motor oil stain and go back – possibly using a few choice words along the way (and ignoring the voice in my head that says “Damn it woman, leave it be!”). Trust, me, I like your way better πŸ™‚

    Besides, it looks great! I love your trapezoid toe! (AND, you’re DONE!!!!!)
    If you didn’t dislike this process so much, I’d tell you to make it your sock signature. But since you’re not down with grafting, how about the Kitchener Stitch? It’s a bit tricky but there are some cool video tutorials that really help – and if you’re as nuts as I am, you write down all the steps before you start.

  2. Woo hoo for a finished sock! It’s so beautiful and colorful! Eek on grafting…I haven’t had to do that yet (I don’t think) and it sounds painful. Tee hee…that’s probably why I like toe up socks so much better than cuff down. However, with the socks I’m working on now, I haven’t gotten to the toe. We’ll see when I get there!

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