One of those scrap quilts, please.


I have been dropping little hints to you lately about starting an etsy store. I wanted to get it all shiny and ready for you, but I can’t hold it in anymore! It’s not well stocked, so think of it as humble. I have a modest selection of quilts and potholders. Which will grow, in due time.

You will recognise the quilts as they are part of Scrap Awareness Month: July. Here they are quilted and finished, avec pricetag.


I have a few more quilts ready to be listed, and a couple more potholders to be made. I’m not sure what else to provide, perhaps I will add in a placemat range. I love the thought of having a range of something! Do you have any ideas on what other quilted items I could add to my stock? What’s my next range?!

I really recommend etsy as a selling place, even though I haven’t sold anything so far, it has been a pleasant ride! It’s so fancy compared to ebay! The shop name is Unsophisticated + Jejune, same as this here blog, but my username, which you would have to use to find me is jejuneQUILTS. Alas, to make things easier you can just click on the orange banner below! Or, because I got fancy with my menus, you can click on the top menu Etsy, which leads you straight there.

Also, if anyone out there is an etsy pro, seller or shopper, and you spot something you feel could be improved upon, please, please, please I welcome all the feedback you can muster. Knock me out!



3 thoughts on “One of those scrap quilts, please.

    1. Or, did you mean on the actual shop? I didn’t steal that one! Hah. That’s all me! Sorry, I was thinking of the orange I sell on etsy one. 🙂 ah nevermind, it’s late!

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