Blogger’s Quilt Festival | Art Quilt: Her Care

Lo! and behold, here is my second entry into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, into the Art Category this time. There are some really great quilts in the festival so far, I cannot wait for the voting to begin tomorrow! take a hint?  update: you can cast your vote here!


This quilt is one half of a pair, which I had exhibited in the Festival of Quilts, uk, and then in a contemporary textiles exhibition in Leeds at the beginning of October. This is the third outing! It is all cotton, with cheat applique and machine quilting.

As a printmaker as well as quiltmaker, I do like to try and bring the two together a little, so here is the print that the quilt was based on. The print is an etching with chine-colle, which means the paper collage bits are embedded into the background paper as it is being printed, so it is smooth when finished, unlike a collage.


The quilt is based on the story of Hagar. I’m going to take you back to biblical times now, all the way to Genesis! Abraham has a wife called Sarah, who cannot have children. Abraham, full of fertility, plants one in their slave, Hagar, who at Sarah’s command is to be surrogate mother for her child. Hagar is rightfully a bit angry, but God tells her to just go with it. Fast forward a few years, God makes Sarah fertile and she has a son of her own. Sarah likes this one better than her fake son, and demands that Hagar and young Ishmael must go. Abraham, brokenhearted though he is about it, sends Hagar and his first son, into the desert with some water. Then the water runs out, and Hagar can see Ishmael will soon die. She puts him into the bushes and walks away, not wanting to hear or see her son’s death. As she weeps, God talks to her, and tells her to look around. She sees a well has appeared, and the water God sent saves their lives.

I see it as a great story for encouragement, whether you believe in God or not, you should always be keeping your eye out for your own well, for the thing that will keep you going when your about to give up.



2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival | Art Quilt: Her Care

    1. I’m glad you found inspiration in it, it is one of my favourite stories. It can be all to easy to think that the world is against us sometimes, but as someone, somewhere, once said if you look for good you will find it, if you look for the bad, it will find you! ☺

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