A Darling Quilted Pot Holder


I haven’t done a post for Finished Object Friday for a long time! I think it is sign that I have too many projects at one time. That’s a whole issue I can’t figure out how to deal with, so I’ll just sweep that under the carpet for now. Done and dusted! I’d make a great therapist.

Here is a darling little potholder, in a bright yellow fabric which I have been ‘saving’ for a while. I never quite know how to handle yellow as I think yellow has an ability to look good with everything, so I don’t trust my judgement because I fear I might be overly liberal with it. But, when sorting out my fabric last week, I found that it went superbly well with a scrap of royal blue fabric I had in my stash! So I-just-had-to.

IMG_6229 - Copy


I got some insulated batting which was quite fun to work with, as it is silver shiny on one side. I was fearful at first because it was a bit crinkly, but after I washed the finished pot holder it was a lot softer. I’m really enjoying making these quilted pot holders lately, they are such a nice size to work with! While I waited at the laundrette last week I just sat and made up designs for some, so if my pattern making skills are on par, soon I will be making animal ones! How exciting.

IMG_6209 - Copy

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9 thoughts on “A Darling Quilted Pot Holder

      1. Well, one big update after my sister’s service (which is a week from tomorrow) and a big one after Christmas 🙂 Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I am still around…just don’t have anything to say right now as I can’t show anything I’m working on.

      2. Sometimes it is nice to be a reader of blogs for a while. ☺ are you still working on the hats for your relatives? And don’t worry, I declared I would be going strong in sock group and withstand from having a break, yet I haven’t posted a single knit a sock along post since! Next week maybe I’ll set the foundations for your upcoming return. ☺

      3. I’ve finished the hats for all of my nieces / nephew and great nieces / nephews. It was a total of 9. I also made a hat for my brother and a cowl for my Aunt. I haven’t been anywhere near my socks in awhile…they are on snooze status in Ravelry, along with my first cardigan. I can’t wait to get back to them!

      4. My gosh, you are a quick knitter! I’m so slow, I think I have ADD for knitting actually because I’m not slow at knitting itself, I just don’t do it for very long! Yes I’m looking forward to doing the second sock, now that I know what I’m in for! Well, I can’t wait to see your makes! ☺

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