Winter Warmer: Buy Fabric. Turn Your Iron On.

Went to visit my old housemates in Hastings for great short stay last week. On the returning train journey I sat across the aisle from a table of women who chatted constantly from London Euston to Crewe, where they finally departed. It wasn’t necessarily annoying me that they were talking, it was just the fact that I couldn’t stop myself from listening in. In a conversation about make-up, one woman was recommending a brand that she had tried on in Harvey Nichols the day before they had all met up, (she had a nice shopping day with her daughter who lives in London the day before). But she couldn’t remember the name. “It begins with B.” The woman said. She described the pots it came in, the way the woman mixed the powders and brushed it on her face. “Literally buffing my face with the brush, she was.” The other women took guesses at the name. “No… I think it was two words. B-something, something.” It’s BARE MINERALS woman! It was torturous. Hearing the woman agonise over not being able to recall a word from a few days ago, while unable to relieve her because it would give me away as an eavesdropper was distressing. Fortunately it didn’t take too long for the conversation to be changed.

“That’s it. I’m not ironing from now on. That’s a time saving decision.”

“Tell me about it, I have a problem, I iron everything. I iron tea towels.”

“You iron tea towels? That’s ridiculous.”

This conversation reminded me that I was going home to a house without any heating. It had snowed in Hastings the morning that I had left. It was bitterly cold. Uh oh. I forgot my little electric space heater did a little explosion before my trip. I have an iron, and a hairdryer? That will have to do until I get to the estate agency.


I’m beginning to think there might be some correlation between the cold weather and the amount of fabric I am buying. I mean, let’s just take a look at what this blog is about again. Quilts + knits, right? They say winter is the knitting season, and I’m saying quilting is too.

Since returning from Hastings, I went to get some ‘essentials’ from Abakhans, the fabric shop in Manchester. I hardly ever go and buy all the fabric for one quilt in one go, from one shop. In fact, I’d say it’s unheard of, for me. I collect bits usually, and it takes me a few months to get a collection ready to go. And I don’t think I have ever made a quilt out of entirely new fabrics either. But look at what I found!

Kayaking Foxes. Enough said.


Then, some fish. You know, they go with the water theme and that.


This. And this too.


I’m excited. I don’t know what pattern to do yet though. I want to show off the fox fabric, so I don’t want to cut it too small, but I also want something more exciting than rectangles. I might use the fox fabric as a center square in a star block. Any  thoughts?






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