Pompom Galore

I keep going back on forth on if Pompom Galore is an accurate title for this post. Yarn Carnage might be more appropriate.


Yes, it happened. I finally caught the pompom bug. My flat is infected with bits of fluff, the aftermath of a day, er three days, sat around the house dutifully wrapping yarn around bits of cardboard.

There is fluff EVERYWHERE. I don’t know why I couldn’t have set myself up a single area, a pompom making station would have made sense. My flat has only one room, and in that room I managed to travel across it building fluffy mounds at each place I stopped. I’m telling you now, the first night I was wheezing myself to sleep! Lesson learnt: there will be no more pompom making in bed!

The Pompom Madness transitioned into Tassel Mania. HOLY COW, I cannot tell you how easy tassels are to make! And they are really quick to do, I’m making a garland and other little ornaments for my boring house, which I have neglected to put any effort into decorating. Until now.

This craft is also great as I am on a stash reduction mission. That’s actually the only reason I never got into pompom making sooner: I knew how much yarn they take up. My precious yarn, isn’t that precious too me anymore. Think of it this way: I have too much yarn for too little reason. And there isn’t any reason why a pompom should not exist.


4 thoughts on “Pompom Galore

    1. Thanks Paula! I haven’t ventured into actual pompom makers yet, but tried out cardboard, fingers, and a fork. So far so good! ☺ even still, I can’t say I wasn’t tempted by them the other day at the fabric shop…

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