Bernina Bliss in Bruges, Begium.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, a Bernina Sewing Shop. Who knew? I didn’t. Maybe you did, but I have never seen nor comprehended that there was such a place. A true heaven on earth, in Bruges: the fairy tale city.

And you know what, I would love to you what it was like, but I didn’t even get a chance to go inside. I didn’t get closer to it than from where I stood across the street to take a photo. That’s the extent of my Bernina shopping experience, oh what could have been!


At the beginning of November, I went on a short family trip to Bruges, which is in Belgium. We took the Eurostar train from London Kings Cross, under the Channel, through France and finally to Brussels, onto another train and we were in Belgium! On the second day of our stay, we went on a morning bike ride around the town. As the four of us rode down the cobbled streets lined with colourful houses, I spied a bright red logo. Three of the bikes kept on going, one of them braked and it’s rider stood, breathlessly mouthing ‘Bernina!’ while pointing at the window display. I’LL SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW, OKAY? They couldn’t hear me so I thought I had better catch up.  This is not the holiday I would have planned, I thought. You can ride bikes back in England, we wouldn’t have to rent them either because we have our own. They didn’t think it through, obviously.

Nevertheless, I thought I would share the joy of Bernina in Belgian House Form with you, and the sorrow of its discovery. And a few extra photos too.





The second thing I wanted to share with you is the project bag that has brought me no sorrow, all joy. It has taken me an absolute age to get round to taking a photo of it, but I used it on my trip to carry my knitting in for the train to Bruges. It’s a nice roomy bag, and fits my longest needles in too! I’m trying to improve on my fair isle pattern reading and stranding tension skills, so I thought a train journey would be a good atmosphere for it. It is definitely easier without the distraction of a TV, and apparently I find it easy to tune out of family conversations, so the knitting went well!


For this project bag, I used a bunch of horribly cheap fabric from Walthamstow Market, you know, the £1 per metre stuff. I made some Dutchman’s Puzzle Blocks, then quilting it as two layers to just some backing fabric. I did not want the hedgehog effect to happen to this bag; I’ve been stabbed in the ribs previously from carrying dpn’s in a canvas tote bag! Then I sewed that all up into a drawstring bag. NEAT-O.


I’m glad to have said goodbye to some of that terrible polyester, there is still some lurking about but rest assured it will be gone soon! You can just about see that I also made a quilted chair cushion from it in desperation to get rid of the stuff. I don’t like working with it, and I’m not too sure if my machine does either. It might just be in my head. Either way, I still feel guilty when force feeding it to her.

Riddle me this: How do you carry your knitting around with you? Ever get stabbed by your needles through your bag? I’d love to know!


5 thoughts on “Bernina Bliss in Bruges, Begium.

  1. Wow! Those are stunning pictures! I’m so glad I have so many blogging friends overseas so I get to see this kind of beauty 🙂 I carry my knitting around in either zippered bags (larger projects) or drawstring bags. I usually try to keep a sockhead hat going so it’s kind of small and lots of stitches to keep me entertained. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thankyou, it is a really beautiful place! Zips are a good idea, maybe I should make one for my sock…I think that one of the small needles will go AWOL on me if I don’t lock it away 🙂 I had never heard the term sockhead hat before! I just call them slouchy 🙂 Merry Christmas to you too!

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