50% Handmade Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!

I thought I would share with you the gifts I am giving this year, as I think this is my best year yet on the handmade side of things… I must be improving?

I decided this year to do one handmade item and one store bought item for my family. My Christmassy friends get 100% handmade, a deal that goes both ways.

  1. Mother Dee. Knitted Wash Cloths + Printmaking Book. The reasons: everyone likes to wash, and I have been teaching my mum some printmaking techniques, this book has tons of great ideas in it.


Can we just stop a moment and appreciate how colour coordinated these presents are?

2. Stepdad David. Viz Annual + Pot holder. The reasons: He likes Viz, and cooking with copper pans. I reckon those pan handles must get quite hot.


3. Brother Ian. Knitted Hat + Kentuckyaki. The reasons: I originally promised him I would knit him a balaclava, but it was quite difficult, so I stuck with what I know, a hat! As for the Kentuckyaki…honestly, I bought it based on its name. Is that bad present buying? I thought it was funny.


Yes, in the picture the hat is not yet seamed. I have done it now, and it is currently being blocked. I have never blocked a hat before, so I thought I would give it a go. It looks good so far! I also steam blocked the wash cloths, and they are much less wonky. I will let them out of their pin prisons in the morning, just to be certain they will not revert back to their old ways.

4. Friendly Sarah. A Beatrix Potter Envelope Cushion + A Print. The reasons: She bloody loves rabbits, and the print is a lithograph I made based on a photo of her holding her guinea pig, Mr Snuffles.Β This is actually Christmas and birthday in one, we combined it this year, as it was easier!


There we have it. I share with you the best of the gift crop, I hope you can share my appreciation of my own creations! I’m pretty darn pleased with myself, if you cannot tell. Someones got to say it:Β Happy Christmas, Hannah, you are a great maker of things, what a gal.

Merry Christmas for tomorrow, and a Happy New Year!Β 


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