January Schmanuary |Yarn Stash + Organization!

It is January folks! The most productive month of all! And I will join others in their quest to make the world a better place: a tangle free environment, frogging doesn’t exist because people note down where they are in their patterns, and yarn has a sole purpose; one specific pattern.

Look at the mess that is my yarn stash and knitting paraphernalia. There are just random bundles of yarn shoved in bags and a bunch of half started, and half finished projects wrapped up in that craziness. Not this year. 2016 is the year it all changes!


I have reflected. I bought yarn off ebay because it was cheap, I didn’t really like the colours all that much, but it was really good value, so I got it.

Not this year. No no no.

I have had a rethink. I have grouped the yarns that are being used for a project in a single place. I have all my WIPs in one area, and other yarns in a different area.

I don’t know why I never did that before: mindblowing.

I reacted. I had to be harsh with myself and listen to what my reflections told me; Hannah, you have too much yarn. I know, I know, I know. Hannah, you haven’t touched this vest you started on for two years. I know, I know, I know. What is this Hannah? I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.


While I would have loved to pretend that the vest could have lived on, I had to kill it. For one, I don’t know where in the pattern I was. For two, I don’t think I was knitting it to the right size. For three, I probably wouldn’t wear a knitted vest! Frogging is much quicker than knitting. My brother calls it Knotting, I like it!

And besides, in the two years I had since starting that vest then promptly putting it back down, I began making a jumper. And it is much better. A good work to focus on.


And, I have this crochet blanket I completely forgot about. Cool.


And, of course, the sock that will begin soon. I am terrible! I really thought I would have more time to knit the second sock during Christmas, but I was wrong. Oh well. Thursday is Sock day again. Yay!

Below is the projectless yarn. I’m going to store it away for now…but, I might just grab it at any moment. I know myself, and I will want to cast something on. So I had better keep it. I cannot afford to buy any new yarn! And I evidently do not need any!



Above is an unintentional scarf I made when I began learning how to knit. It is the second piece of knitting I made, and you can see I used it as an experimental piece to try out purl stitch, basket weave pattern, then colour changes and finally a bit of stranding! The stranding was messy as I introduced a rainbow yarn that I didn’t like (and I also did it wrong). I intended to unpick and pick back up before the mess to carry on with experimenting as I liked the progress the scarf tracked. I intended, but I didn’t do. So I cast it off and gave it to charity. I have no idea what they will do with it, I just didn’t know what else to do. Sadface. On the upside, I have a lot more space in my bags and I can see what is in them properly!


I started making this ‘thing’. I do not know what it is. I didn’t when I made it. I was getting a bit tired at this point after spending so much time rewinding yarn onto balls, that I just cast it off and called it a job well done. Now I have this weird square hanging about. Erm… The yarn, Big Bamboo by Sirdar is not something I will buy again, it was really really nice, but I was given most of my supply of it for free. It is actually quite costly!  I mention that as I don’t want to turn it into a bigger project. It’s done. For now. I think it will get frogged. I used the small oddment that was left to make a scarf for a Beanie Baby that was ‘cold’ and ‘naked’. Sometimes I am mislead to think I am not contributing enough to the world. What?

Happy new yarn

Well that is my stash sorted, all nice and organized! I am ready to craft 2K16! Have you been making any New Year changes to your craft stash?

Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve, and that the year continues in the same fashion. Let’s all make this a great year for each of our blogs!







9 thoughts on “January Schmanuary |Yarn Stash + Organization!

  1. I haven’t done any organizing this year; however I did manage to get all of my yarn into my Stash on Ravelry. It really helps a lot when I am browsing patterns to see if I have what I already need. I’m amazed at how large the stash has grown in the last year! I would love to find some other options so it makes it easier to find said yarn when I need it 🙂 For now, I just go digging to try to find what I need 🙂

    I also need to frog some of those earlier projects where I have no idea where I was in the pattern. In addition, I need to finish a crochet blanket that is 95% complete 🙂 Kudos to you for getting it organized!

    1. Thanks Paula, I always despise the thought of organising, but it usually turns out to be quite fun! Did I mention to you I got Ravelry? Literally last month, but I’m just using it to look and save patterns…for now. It is reassuring to hear that you too have projects sentenced to death by frogging. But before you do anything else, get on with your blanket woman! So close! 🙂

      1. No, you didn’t tell me! Congrats! I love it and it’s really helped me with organizing patterns and stash. Plus, there are a ton of free patterns out there! Add me as a friend if you would like 🙂 My username is ftlsweetie.

  2. OMG – I got so caught up in my granny squares I forgot to gear up for Sock Thursday, but you’re right, it’s time! I’ll find an easy sock pattern and cast on, probably on Thursday, but it’s something 🙂

  3. Oh yes, I’m planning some January organisation too! 2016 will be the year I finally move my fabric stash out of shopping bags and into a dedicated shelving unit, along with a good chunk of my yarn (hello wardrobe space!) and all my knitting and sewing accessories. And I saw in your photos that you found some Drops Fabel in your stash… If you’re doing socks this week, use that! I made socks for Boyfriend from this stuff about 5-6 years ago and they’re still going strong 😃 Happy knitting!

    1. Oh it always feels nice to have “out of the shopping bags organisation!” I never last long though, I find it very easy to mess everything up really quickly! Instead I made drawstring bags to store things in to make it feel ‘official’? ☺Thanks for the tip with the drops fable yarn, I might use it for socks after I finish the pair I am on, I’m using Heart & Sole currently, then I promised a friend I would make her some chunky slipper socks. So despite it being the first sock yarn I ever bought, it is still waiting in the queue…☺

      1. Oh, I’m sure you’ll find a use for it 😀 I like your idea about using drawstring bags for storage, too… It would make everything look neater AND help me tackle my new year’s resolution of befriending my sewing machine! Cheers!

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