Stash Bee: January Quilt Block

I woke up early this morning to a wonderful sunrise. And then I got to quilting! I knew I had a busy day today, so had to get going! I am in the Stash Bee guys, as I told you in the previous post. The Stash Bee, is an online collective of quilters who belong to a Hive of 12 members. Each month one member is Queen Bee, and the rest are worker bees. The Queen Bee chooses a block for all of her workers to make, and the quilt blocks are mailed off to the Queen Bee once they are done.


Here is the quilt block I made today for Queen Audrey at Hot Pink Quilts. I absolutely adore her quilts, they are so beautiful, colourful and energetic! The quilt block she had us do was called five crosses. And the quilt will be going to her friend that is going through a tough time.

Audrey’s orders were blues+greens please, but blues+blues is good too, as is greens+greens.Β How nice is that? And lucky me because I didn’t have anything properly green. So, the fabric I chose to use was the blue fish fabric, which I got a while ago. I love this fabric. I actually did a blog post about getting that fabric, I just loved it so much!

I paired it with a solid navy, with the thought that it would help the fish stand out a bit more. I like how it turned out. The fish look like they are getting trapped by the crosses, and swimming in circles! Stupid fish.


I mentioned in my mellow dramatic post about being a part of the Stash Bee, The Cut Throat World of Quilting, that I had some trepidation about making things for other people. But honestly, I think I make things better. I was super careful when making this. I did a test piece, which I had decided in my head was going to be for me, and so I didn’t pin any seams and I measured most center lines by eye. And you know what? It turned out a bit wonky.


I think the Stash Bee was a good move;Β I am going to learn a ton! And my quilts will be ever more exciting because of it. Good for you, good for me.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite quilt block is! I would love to look up some ones I haven’t heard of before. Maybe your favourite quilt block to see isn’t your favourite to make, or maybe you’ve designed your own, whatever the case I’d love to hear about it!

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8 thoughts on “Stash Bee: January Quilt Block

  1. I did grow as a piecer when I was in Stash Bee Hive 6 last year. I was very challenged by the improv blocks. Good for you for doing a test block to figure out what works for you! I love those stupid fishes swimming around and am sure the Queen Bee will, too! My favorite block is anything with a star in it. Last June, I was Queen Bee for Hive 6 and I requested a star-in-a-star block (which I called “Exploding Stars”). It made a great quilt top! Hope you enjoy this year in Stash Bee!

    1. That is promising to hear! I love star blocks too, and I just looked in the archives of the Stash Bee to find your Exploding Star Block, it is beautiful! Are you pro pinterest? I’d love to add it to my blocks board πŸ™‚

  2. It really is a whole new experience when you are working on a piece for someone else, isn’t it? I’ve joined a quilting bee, too, and – like you – the blocks I mail off are often my nicer work. Your block turned out gorgeous!

  3. Your block for Queen Audrey is gorgeous. I love the additional of the solid navy – it made the fish pop. Is there a pattern available for the block? I get frustrated when I see the blogs for many hive blocks and cannot find a pattern for them. I guess that’s part of not participating in a hive, eh?

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