Pattern Design | Coffee + Cigarettes


coffee and ciggarettes pink! - CopyA new pattern! Recently I found out how to make patterns using Photoshop, and I posted up my first trials I had made. This afternoon I found an even easier, and more accurate way of making pattern designs, so that is going to be a huge boost to production. And it also means I have more confidence that it will line up correctly if I were to send them off to be digitally printed onto fabric. Exciting stuff!

This pattern is a mixture of things that reminds me of my old university housemates who I miss so much. We would make a flask of hot coffee and head down to the beach. We ate a lot of biscuits together and I second hand smoked a lot of cigarettes. We also all had very similar glasses…

I thought it might be nice to put some of those sentiments into a quilt, and I’ll make a few coordinating prints too. My concern is price; I need toΒ check out how expensive it is to get it printed first. Otherwise it looks like a couple of afternoons screen printing it myself. (I would describe my screen printing skills as doable but unreliable). We will see!

coffee and ciggarettes blue grey - Copycoffee and ciggarettes yellow! - Copycoffee and ciggarettes green! - Copy

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5 thoughts on “Pattern Design | Coffee + Cigarettes

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for the tip. I have been playing around on Spoonflower – but also getting distracted by all the crazy prints already on there! I was uncertain at first because I thought the postage costs to UK would be sky high, but they are actually really good. Have a great day, Hannah πŸ™‚

  1. Nice nostalgic accomplishment you have here. I’m impressed with your Photoshop skills, and curious how you gained accuracy, production, and the ability for things to line up. Who were you considering to print your fabric?

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