Knitting the Cornerstone Hat


Not the most inspiring snow photography I must admit. But this was the exciting view I received when I opened the curtains this morning; snow! I am happy.

Now this is some inspiring snow! The creator of this snow art is Simon Beck. He charts out a design on graph paper, gets a compass and some string then off he goes stomping. Oh, he did get a degree in Engineering Science from Oxford. (That likely helps). The picture links to his Facebook site if you want to check him out.

Simon Beck

March. It is cold, isn’t it? It is in my house at least. I can see my breath some nights! I’ve figured out a way to get around that though. I’ve got this little plug in radiator and I stand over it, or sit nearly over it. This revelation has been my savior the past few weeks.

Knit for warmth.jpg

But oh, what is that I am knitting? It is a hat. You know, for the snow?


Here it is in the early beginnings; I am almost finished now, having just started the decreases. This hat is testing out a pattern that I wrote in hope that it will fit my head. Dream big, Hannah. I’ve tried a few other hat patterns, and they turn out either too big, too small or too not quite right. I am hoping that I have learnt enough from those mistakes to be able to get this hat done right. I have been noting down all my processes too, so I will be able to knit it again, or develop it further. It’s taken me a little longer because of the mathematical pauses, but this hat is not just any hat, it will be the cornerstone to all the hats to come!





2 thoughts on “Knitting the Cornerstone Hat

  1. I’ve never knit a hat flat before 🙂 I love the color and hope it fits when you are done. Maybe you’ll wear it to bed? It sounds really cold in your house, but I love the way you have figured out how to stay warm. Super cute!!!

    1. I have never knitted a hat in the round before 🙂 I hope it will fit too! I literally have 6 blankets on my bed! A hat would be a bonus 🙂

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