Smashing out the Knitting | Mother’s Day Gift

happ mothers day hearts.jpg


I recently posted about this piece of knitting to ask for some advice on what to do with it. I had received some great advice in the comments, and I would like to thank everyone who took their time to help me. I finally decided on putting it in a frame!

What began as a practice swatch of a pattern, has become a piece of wall art. A framed masterpiece! Well… I think putting it in a frame was the right path to take this knit on. It was far too neat for it to go in the box with all the other swatches. I saw greater things for this little one, and I am glad it will be getting the appreciation it deserves. Sorry, are we talking about the knitting or the knitter?



I finished off the pattern to make it look like it was actually meant to end at that point, then cast off and steam blocked it. Yesterday morning I went to town to find a frame, and just this morning I was able to put it all together. Smashed it didn’t I? And not in the sense of I did it really well… I literally cracked glass. That’s what you get for trying to rush things before going to work. Blah. I might have to have it without glass? I liked it with the glass though. Maybe I’ll just get my Mum a plant instead. Ugh.

Isn’t it annoying when things go wrong at the very last step? 


Hope you all have a great Mother’s Day! I will be seeing my own Mama tomorrow as I was at work all day today. So tired and desperately need a bath.#smellslikemeatburgers. Blah.





4 thoughts on “Smashing out the Knitting | Mother’s Day Gift

    1. Haha. No I’m afraid not. I decided to grab the opportunity of being able to use it as a mother’s day gift instead! She liked it, yes. Especially the fact that there was no glass because it meant she could touch it. 🙂 Thanks Paula!

      1. I think it will be even better without the glass because there’s no chance that condensation could build on the inside and ruin that beautiful fabric 🙂 I’m so happy she liked it!

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