The Cornerstone Hat | FO

The past four days I have spent in my bed only getting out of it only for nature calls, baths, the pharmacy and ice-cream. I only have a cold, but I feel terrible! I hardly ever get colds, but when they come they barge in and they hit hard. My throat is so sore, hence the ice-cream, but it’s not even made my voice go to that sexy tone, I just sound ‘on the verge’. I look like it too; hence number two, my hands over my face.I look quite upsetting to the eye.

cornerstone hat

I made use of my bed time today and finished up the Cornerstone Hat, as I decided to call it in my previous hat post. Alas, it does not fit. It is rather large. I kept on thinking it was too big while knitting it, but I kept with it because the last hat I made was too small, and I thought that one would be too big too. Why is it so hard?

Nevertheless, I keep getting the chills so I am fully appreciating the hats company.

The Cornerstone Hat will live on. I’ve written out the pattern, and the changes I plan to make. Hopefully the next one I make will work, or at the very least bring me closer to success. I don’t know if I will knit another hat anytime soon however as I have a few socks in line.

I’m hoping to get through this cold, well obviously I’ll survive it, what I mean to say is that I hope it goes away soon. I would very much like that.



2 thoughts on “The Cornerstone Hat | FO

  1. It’s super cute, even if it is too big. You should really try knitting in the round. It’s just like with socks πŸ™‚ Not that hard once you do it! I really hope you feel better soon! It sucks to be so sick and I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks Paula! I should try it, maybe for next winter. I feel a little defeated by the hats at the moment. 😦 I’m switching my attention to socks and quilts for a bit. I will conquer something! πŸ™‚

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