knitting socks | week 10. let’s do it again.

sock inspiration - CopyWeek 10. That’s a lie. I have been knitting these socks since July 2015. But I did put this project on a bit of a hiatus though. Over Christmas I just could not find myself with the time or mind to start knitting the second sock. So even though I thought I wouldn’t, I went on a break over Christmas. And then when I thought I would get back to Sock Thursdays, I didn’t.

So here we are, in March. As beautiful a month as any to knit a sock, I’d say.


The first sock for this eventual pair took me 99 days to knit. I would say that was quite long for a sock. Not even a pair. Just the one sock. You can laugh, it’s okay.

I’m going to try and beat that record. I’m not even confident enough to say that I will.  99 days? Sorry, I still can’t quite believe that figure! To a knit a sock in half that time is still, I would say, quite a long time for a sock. It would be quite a long time for a pair of socks.

Let’s just go with it. 99 days is the record to beat. I hope I will. I will try harder this time round. I’m older now, I’ve matured since then. And I have about an inch done already.


I’m not sure what the other members of ‘Thursday sock group’ are up to today, but go check out their blogs. Paula at Spin A Yarn has been knitting up several socks while I’ve been lazing. Maggie at Project Accomplished and Alex at Alexandknits are also sock aficionados. If you want to join along, Paula, Maggie, Alex and I will welcome you with open arms. Just post a little tid-bit about your sock each Thursday, let me know and we will link you up to our own blog post too!

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2 thoughts on “knitting socks | week 10. let’s do it again.

  1. Woo hoo! You are back on the sock band wagon 🙂 I’m sad to say that I still haven’t gotten back to my sock that has been languishing for quite awhile now. Hopefully soon and I can get back to my sock posts too!

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