Stop with the Sac a tarte.


This is a bag I have recently learnt about from my mother who asked me to make her one. She doesn’t often ask me to make her something. Usually, it’s ‘you can make it for me if you want’. Like I’m desperate for things to make. When in fact I usually, no, always have too many things I want to make. We all know that right? But I add whatever it is to the list all the same.


This bag however seemed really easy. A member of my mum’s baking club has one, whose husband is french and the bag is french; it is called a Sac a tarte. My mother has not stopped talking about it. I made her one quickly to make her stop! Honestly she is making me feel old. Her oldness is making me feel old. That sounds mean. Maybe it’s nothing to do with age and she just freaking loves that sac. Most likely.

I was right. It was really simple to make! It is literally just the two handles which are sewn into the two rectangles sewn right sides together, flip it out, bring the two edges inwards and then top stitch. If that makes sense.


I like how it transforms into a sort of basket when it is holding your pie dish. Sorry, tarte dish! It’s really quite cool. It’s not something I see needing anytime soon, so I wont be making one for myself for now. I really don’t get that many invitations to dinner parties anymore. Oh no, now I’ve made myself sad. Is it rude to demand someone to have a dinner party, knowing that your not going to host one in return? I do only have two chairs…and two plates. I’m a minimalist, she says.

Oh well. My mum now has her very own sac for bake club. And even though I wont be making one for myself, I do know there is a list of people my mum wants to give them to as gifts. Which is fine by me. (A trip to the fabric shop.) Oh and that making things for other people brings joy to my heart, so forth and so on. etc.

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15 thoughts on “Stop with the Sac a tarte.

  1. This is super cute! I remember my Mom and Grandma using them. I’m glad that your Mom loved it 🙂 I mostly buy pyrex that comes with it’s own take along bag; although I rarely get to use them, as I too am not invited to as many dinner parties as I used to be. Too bad we live so far from each other 🙂

    1. Oh wow, that’s cool that your Grandma and Mom used them! I had never seen them before. I’m glad I’m not the only one not getting invites for dinner parties. Maybe it’s not the season…we gotta wait it out ’til the summer! But yes, if we did live closer I would definitely be trying to persuade you to host a dinner party for me. 🙂

      1. I would totally throw one for you as I love to host dinner parties. My problem is that I haven’t made that many friends since moving to California and the ones I have made are super busy 🙂 Hopefully the summer will bring about some lazy days / weekends, where it will be possible to whip up some quick meals and test myself with new recipes.

      2. I literally always thought you lived in Australia… I don’t know why! Yes I can’t wait for picnics in summer, it’s always easier to get people together when it’s sunny outside. 🙂

  2. Hannah, I loved this post – it made me laugh, that comment that your Mom “won’t stop talking about” the bag, uh, sac! This looks like an easy quick project and it really would make a nice gift for those that do go to dinner parties or potlucks, or picnics..hmm… Thanks so much for linking to MCM!

    1. Thanks Beth! My plan did not work though as she’s still hyped up by it. I’ve since been given a pile of fabric to make her more. I’m going become the sac lady. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and of course for hosting! 🙂

  3. Stop calling your mom old. And let her talk. And make her lots of bags, uh, sacs. So what if you become the sac lady? Make enough really cute ones that you sell the heck out of them and become rich. Then go to Paris just because you make French sacs. See how this works?
    Really, I like the bag. I also don’t get many invites. We should start a club. Quilters without invites (QWI, it sounds kind of French-y) and all meet in Houston for Quilt Fest with bags in hand. We can hug each other and have lunch, and everyone will think we have wonderful lives with lots of dinner party invites. Mission accomplished. See how it works really well for everyone?
    Okay, okay, I know, I live in a fantasy world–but it’s a fun one.

    1. I don’t want to be the sac lady! I want to be the quilt lady 🙂 But I see how good your plan is and it does tempt me to embrace sac life. And QWI sounds wartime official, and a little bad ass too. We don’t need an invitation we do what we like! QWI! And too think all of this happens because I make stop calling my mother old and become the sac lady. hmm… we will see. 🙂

  4. Just found your site from Crazy Mama Quilts and scrolled through to this post. Love your spirit!. What a terrific bag and even better comments on your lovely mom! Can you give a rough estimate of dimensions of the size before the folds?

    1. Hi Laura! It’s always so nice to hear such lovely comments, glad you like the sac. As for the dimensions: looking at the last photo, it measures 44cm along the opening, and 40cm in width. I don’t have the bag anymore, and typically didn’t any measurements while making it (tut!) but I know I left a two inch gap for the opening. I think the folds on top must be around 6-7inches. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though because you can get them in all different sizes, depending on the dish you wish to carry! I hope this is helpful 🙂 Hannah

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