Fancy Paper Bunnies DIY

Yesterday I kept thinking it was Sunday and when I went to correct myself I’d think it was Friday. I don’t know either. It is definitely Sunday today though. Happy Sunday everyone!

Next Sunday is actual Easter. Exciting stuff. I’m going to a wedding for the entire Easter weekend in Scotland. It’s in a castle, I think. I’m not entirely sure, I’ve just been told to be there. If it is in a castle I’ll be very happy; I do like all that old stuff. I’m really hoping that they decorate it for Easter and not the wedding. Because if there are random bowls of chocolate everywhere then I will be a very happy bunny. Forget garlands; real Easter decor is just bowls of chocolates!

Seeing as there is only one week left until actual Easter, I thought I’d better post my last Easter related post today. It’s not bowls of chocolate, as much as I believe that is the epitome of decorating I don’t think everyone else would agree. But it is just as simple and just as nice. IMG_8094

Remember making paper doll chains when you were a kid? Well, you can do it as an adult as well. And it’s even better because you have money and can buy nice paper to make them with. Say goodbye to printer paper and hello to nice fancy wrapping paper!


And if you can’t source the fancy paper, say hello to newspaper and paints. Here look, I just watercoloured all over some newspaper. Easy. Eco. Free.

How you do it:

  1. Cut your paper into a long strip and fold it over in a concertina or zigzag. IMG_8075IMG_8081
  2. Draw up your bunny. Or whatever you want a garland of! Make sure your picture touches both the right and left hand folds as this is where the picture joins. (I forgot to draw the arrow on the rabbits tail, but you should not cut that side either.)
  3. Cut out your template! Make sure you don’t cut through the folds though! IMG_8084IMG_8085
  4. Unfold and there you have it! Easy right?IMG_8086IMG_8102IMG_8099


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8 thoughts on “Fancy Paper Bunnies DIY

    1. My friends mum completely decorates her house for Easter and I love it. This is the first year where I have had the time to do it, ah bliss to not have to do any school work! It’s nice to get excited over silly things too. 🙂

  1. “Real Easter decor is just bowls of chocolates!” I read that while eating chocolate and almost choked for laughing. You are absolutely right. I’m a teacher and our school is having a competition for dressing up the classroom door (facing the hall) to brighten everyone’s spirits. I’m going to make some of these in bright Easter colors to decorate my door. Streamers of bunnies, eggs, and flowers. Easy, fun and different! Thanks for the idea!

    1. I’m glad you agree! It’s so nice to hear that I was helpful in some sort of way 🙂 I hope your class wins the competition, what a fun idea! Go fierce!

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