knitting socks | Week 11

It’s Thursday again and time for socks! This is week two of knitting the second sock of my first pair of socks. That is an odd sentence. I got a bit of knitting done, not lots but some. And there is something to be said for that. I mean I could have done nothing! I’m glad of the stripes because I felt really accomplished when I reached the purple stripe. Don’t forget the small things in life; they all add up!

Here it be.


Last week I had done nearly an inch, so another inch this week. An inch a week…that is still pretty slow. I don’t know if I would be able to beat the 99 day record of my first sock at that rate. Did you know there are sock knitting races? There are people who actually exist who can speed knit socks in a matter of hours. For reals. I’m just aiming for less than 99 days because I’m not a speed knitter.

I am really quick at eating m&ms though. I don’t know what is wrong with me lately but I’m on a complete sugar crave for nearly exclusively peanut m&ms. I keep meaning to not buy them, but if I’m on my way back from work I’ll be in a mood of self pity and sway towards the mindset that I deserve them. Which is hard to deny. Or if I’m at the shop knowing I will be working later I am also swayed by the old poor me’s. Ugh. I do really like them. They are so brightly coloured! But I know they are unhealthy. It doesn’t help that I’ve started referring to work as ‘The Mill’.

Maybe I’m filling a void with chocolate. I’m not sure what though. It’s more likely that I’m not eating enough real food; I never know what I feel like eating. Ho hum. Life can be tough. Or I just like chocolate lately and its just a phase and I’ll get over it. Maybe it is Easter hype. It might be the e-numbers, are they addictive? I mean they look so unnatural. They are unnatural. I think they coordinate quite well with my yarn…


As always, go and check in with the other members of ‘Thursday Sock Group’. They might have more interesting things to say about socks than I do. Gosh, this post was mostly about chocolate…sorry. We tend to be somewhat sporadic this year, but you can go see Paula at Spin A YarnMaggie at Project Accomplished and Alex at Alexandknits to see if they have any socks on the go. If you want to join in with the weekly sock posts just post about your sock each Thursday, let me know and I will link you up to my post too!

While I knit the sock this week I will have a think. A good mindfulness session. Not completely meditation because I still need to concentrate on the knitting, but I will try and think up an anti-chocolate campaign for myself, for after Easter. I love Easter chocolate!

Do you have any go to knitting snacks? (We’ll call them knitting snacks, because then it makes it sound like fuel for productivity.)


9 thoughts on “knitting socks | Week 11

  1. Haha! My go to snacks when knitting are peanut butter filled pretzels and Jelly Belly jelly beans 🙂 Chocolate cravings only hit once a month…so I tend to like salty snacks most of the time. Great job on getting in another inch on your sock! I got exactly 4 rows completed on mine…not enough really for a sock post this week. However, we’ll see where I am at the end of the day! If not this week, next week for sure!

    1. I’m going to feel so so accomplished when these guys are done. And entirely relieved. They are lingering on a bit! 🙂 You definitely won the race already, I’m a super tortoise.

      1. Nope, if you remember, I crossed the finish line but had to go back several times before it was all said and done. Slow and steady my friend does win the race – and an awesome pair of socks is the best prize ever!

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