Celebrate Easter With Some Creepy Easter Bunnies

I began hinting to my mum that I would like an Easter egg back in February when they started to fill on the shelves. In a jokey way…but also very seriously. She told me yesterday that she did not get me one. I was incredibly broken hearted. I’m over it now, I recovered. Mostly. I still got her one.


Have you taken up smoking yet? My mother asks.

Should I have?

We need to start this weekend because there is a Smoking Room in this Hotel we are staying at and only men are allowed in.

I don’t know if that is true, I’ll have to look out for it when I get to that Hotel. I’m pretty sure indoor smoking is illegal here. Surely it isn’t true, but my mum seemed certain of it. No women allowed? Surely not!

This Easter weekend I am attending a wedding in Scotland. I’ve brought my sock with me and got a bit of knitting done in the car on the way. I arrived in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon, having driven up with my Mum and David. My brother got the train from London so after dropping our bags at the hotel we went out to look around the city and get much needed glittery socks from Top Shop for me and then some food. Later on that evening I met up with a friend who is studying Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University. She is doing her Masters and just yesterday handed in her final dissertation. So my brother and I went out for a nice celebration with Rose and I have found my new favourite gin which is called Death’s Door. It is nicer than it sounds.

So the wedding is not in Edinburgh, it’s about a twenty minute train ride outside of it in some countryside town. I stayed at a hotel with my brother last night, so we are still here, and about to head out for a coffee before we travel onwards to the potentially sexist hotel. I’m not overly fussed about weddings. I’m very interested in Easter though, and apparently there is an Easter egg hunt organised. I am going to kick ass.

And here are some patterns I made earlier! Just in case your in the mood for some creepy Easter bunnies…
Easter Bunny Pattern whiteEaster Eggs with Bunnies Original copyEaster Bunny Pattern GradientScary Eggs happy easter yellow copy



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