knitting socks | week 12

It is the last day of March. Not sure if that means anything to anyone, I just thought it was a good opening statement. More importantly it is a Thursday and that means it is time to show you my sock progress. Of which there is some. I know I say that every week, you’d better get used to it.

I’ve knitted through two colour changes though so that is making me feel good. That’s the best bit of knitting this sock, I don’t know what I would have done if I had chosen a solid colour yarn! These sock posts would have been written in a completely different tone of voice. I would go to put the knitting down but as I did so I would see that it wasn’t long before the next colour and I’d pick it right back up. Perhaps that says something about my personality type. Like I need consistent rewarding to motivate me to keep doing something. Sounds about right…


This week my attitude has changed towards this sock. At first I wasn’t that  over the moon about it. I’ve heard this to be called second sock syndrome. I get it completely. But I figured I’ll just go ahead a knit through the boredom so that it gets done. I also thought that posting an update each Thursday would help me focus on the goal. Accountability. However, this week I have enjoyed sitting down with it. I have enjoyed watching it grow. It’s grown on me too; I really like this yarn. Not just the fact that it is stripy, but its texture is nice to hold. It’s all getting better.

I spent the whole Easter weekend in Scotland for a wedding and I managed to get a bit of knitting in during the gaps and in the evenings. I mentioned in my previous post about the hotel we stayed at having a gentleman’s smoking lounge. It did have a smoking room, with ashtrays scattered on mahogany furniture but it didn’t define itself as a men only area thank-god. I’m sure it is illegal to smoke inside though? Maybe Scotland has different laws on the smoking ban? Anyway,  when I got home on Monday evening I just collapsed and knitted for a while. I like the self absorbing nature of it -not having to talk and smile at people – I was so tired of doing that for four days! And I also began getting a bit antsy about not being able to do my own thing too. I don’t like being on other peoples timetables. I’ll get on with it sure, but I do not like it! Even though I’m having a good time I’m still thinking about projects I could be working on. Like a low level anxiety. Do you know what I mean?

Last week I told you about the peanut m&ms cravings. They are gone now. At the wedding there was a basket of chocolate bars that was restocked daily and it was all complimentary! I helped myself to be polite. I’m really polite. Anyway now I feel a little sickly about chocolate and my skin didn’t like the sugar either. I bought quinoa and fruit at the supermarket yesterday (of which I ran to) as a remedy.

I heard this productivity tip recently, which says that you should marry together bad habits with good habits.Say you want to knit more and watch less TV, you should only watch TV while you knit. So I got Netflix. It could go either way.

Happy last day of March peeps!




5 thoughts on “knitting socks | week 12

  1. My goodness, what a fun post. You describe yourself so well that I can see you sitting in that room knitting, smiling, eat chocolates and being polite. Love the socks, but I always do! They are fun and interesting and nothing like the ones we can purchase. Kids here are in a trend of wearing two completely different socks, so you wouldn’t even have to make the second one to match! If you buy them mismatched (yes, you can) they are the same size and length. Color and design are up for grabs, but the kids are crazy for them, most likely because they wear uniforms and their socks are the only clothing that allows for individuality. They would love your cute designs and colors!

    1. Those mismatched socks sound awesome! The individuality I got to express in my school uniform was black, grey or burgundy. I just happened to land in the right spot to make these socks match up! Thank you for your lovely sock compliments, I really appreciate your kindness 🙂 Hannah

  2. Your weekend sounded like lots of fun; despite not having enough time for yourself. I love the chocolate stories and can commiserate. Your sock is looking very nice! I’ve started my second sock; however have not made much progress. I will not have a sock post this week.Unfortunately, my 17 1/2 year old cat, Zoe, passed away yesterday and I’m not up to writing for now. I’ll try to be back next week.

    1. Yes it’s getting there! I’m sorry to hear about Zoe that is awful news. Sounds like she lived well into old age at 17 1/2 years, it’s so cool that you get to spend all that time with a pet. I’ve only ever kept small rodents as pets and they have fairly short lifespans. Hope you’re feeling better soon. x

      1. Thank you so much! She had a very good life and was well-loved by my husband and myself. I got her when I was 29, so she’s been through the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with me 🙂 My husband thought she was going to outlive him! I still have my 13 year old chihuahua (Mini Mouse) and a 5 year old chiweenie (Tinkerbell). It’s very weird not having my cats anymore. My 15 year old cat, Aladdin, died last year. I know it will take some time as they were like my children. I was very lucky that they came into my lives through adoption.

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