Stash Bee | March Cowboy Quilt Block


Oh I only just missed the deadline by one day, so it doesn’t really count! Here is the quilt block I have made as part of the Stash Bee for Jane, who was Queen Bee for March. She chose a free pattern called Cow Hands designed by Pam Rocco.Β Β There are two blocks to choose from, either the Cowboy or the cow. I think most people chose the cowboy so Jane will be left making some cows! This wasn’t the easiest quilt block, mostly just cutting out patterns is somewhat tedious for me, I’m not very good at it so it takes me a long time and I forgot to fold the cream fabric before I pinned all the squares on so I had to cut that twice! Piecing it was far more enjoyable and straightforward than the cutting! I haven’t pieced anything for a while so it was nice to do some. Lately I have been quilting and binding and sewing, but I love piecing. I can sit and do that for hours.


I hope Jane doesn’t mind the pink hat and boots, looking at everyone else’s cowboys I see that the fashion among cowboys is black or brown. My guy is from out of town maybe. I thought they looked nice. If he doesn’t fit in with the other cowboys perhaps Jane could use him for a matching pillow or something. That’s right Jane, kick him out, make him an outcast! You cold heartless woman.

N.B. Jane is not at all a cold heartless woman, quite the opposite. I got carried away. Sorry Jane.

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6 thoughts on “Stash Bee | March Cowboy Quilt Block

  1. Hannah!!! Thank you for the Buffalo Cowboy. I like the hat and all of the colors. No worries about the timing, I appreciate your work. It is a silly block, and I love my whole posse. Can’t wait to reciprocate for you. And… I love your sense of humor, no need to explain. I was cold hearted to ask for such an odd block. All I can say, and don’t tell my boyfriend because I’ll deny it, cowboys are my weakness. (Have you read the book by Pam Houston by the same name?)

    1. Your welcome! I’m so glad you like him, I can’t wait to see what you do with them all. I have not read that book but after researching it does look good. Strong female characters I hear! There isn’t much talk about cowboys in the UK but there are lots of cows. I grew up in a small countryside village in Cheshire, and the short cut walk to school was through a field of horses, then sheep, horses again and then cows. Sounds quaint I know but in reality it was rather smelly. Cows can also be quite frightening, sometimes I would have to turn back because they would surround the gate and not let me in the field! I guess the British equivalent of a cowboy on a ranch is just a farmer on a farm. I’ve seen many farmers. Not my weakness I must say.

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