OMG it’s April. | Quilt Goals


I’m setting myself the goal of making a mini quilt for OMG. This will be the first time I take part in this challenge so I’m excited! So excited that I sort of did most of it last night… I was just playing around with piecing and having fun with some stripy fabric and then BAM! 2 hours later it was done, dusted, a Friday finish. I do love working with stripes! I even managed to do some curves, but only one features in this top. Fancy stuff this right here! I don’t know how I will quilt it, I kind of want to quilt a story into it. For other story quilts I have always used quite plain neutral fabrics, not green and stripy. I would like to see how it looks on a colourful quilt top… but I do not want to detract from the stripes. Oh it’s a dilemma! I could practice a FMQ design as I do need practice in this area. I just need help.

What do you think about the quilting side of things? Β I’m still new at free motion quilting so would love to hear from you, please tell me all your secrets! What would you do?


Shared at Crazy Mom QuiltsΒ and OMG at Red Letter Quilts


2 thoughts on “OMG it’s April. | Quilt Goals

  1. I love what you’ve done with the stripes. Quilting is usually where I get stuck. I’m getting better by first thinking – what aspect of the quilt do I wish to highlight. Then I try to push the quilting in that direction.

    1. Thanks Catherine – that is really helpful thinking! I really like the stripes too and would like to make sure that they still stand out once quilted. So maybe something a bit geometic would suit it better than quilting a picture… ugh, this stage is the hardest bit for sure! Thank you so much for your help, I will definitely ask myself that question before I quilt now!

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