knitting socks | week 13

It’s Thursday and time for socks!

I have not had the best knitting week. At the beginning I was really enjoying the knitting and I knitted too much, like an inch too much. The rest of the week has mostly been de-knitting. I have been doing it stitch by stitch too so that is tedious, super boring, and really not an invitation to pick the sock up! It’s the complete opposite of how I felt last week when I fell back in love with sock knitting and now we are back to the sock hate. Nevermind, I only have to get through another 10 or so rows and then I’m free to stockinette for another few inches, I’ll keep tabs on the pattern this time, and then I can get into the heel. I just looked at last weeks post and I’m pretty much where I was at then. I’d say exactly where I was. How depressing is that? Oh well, onwards and upwards!


There is one slight worry, I can’t seem to find the first sock anywhere. I wanted to compare the two together to see if I could get away with not unpicking, but it seems to have vanished! Uh oh. But seriously, my flat looks like the habitat of a drug addict. It’s so messy and dysfunctional looking right now. You could argue that it is the mess of a craft addict, and the kitchen has the messy remains of a cooking addict. But you don’t really cook everyday… oh look, I see your eating cereal. Again. Those pans have been there for a week, come on. 

Okay you caught me. But the craft addict bit? Yes I don’t know how to help you with that one. Maybe the next time you decide to lay an unpieced quilt plan on the floor don’t put it front of the door. 

I’m sure I will find my sock soon. I better had, or else knitting this one is just a waste of time. Ugh, I’m not in the best mood today! No you are certainly not my dear. 

Who keeps talking to me?


If you want to see a finished sock in all it’s glory check out Paula’s post at Spin A Yarn We both like to post about socks on a Thursday you see.


6 thoughts on “knitting socks | week 13

  1. At least you are still trudging along! I think I may have second sock syndrome and I’m not really into knitting the second sock so much anymore. We will persevere and get it done! Then maybe Sock Thursdays will become Hat or Shawl Thursdays 🙂

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