That Amish-ish Quilt


That Amish-ish quilt is finally done! I finished quilting it before Christmas but just kept putting off doing the binding. I don’t even mind doing binding, what I don’t like is squaring quilts up. So it waited around a few months until I felt ready.

I really enjoyed quilting this one. This is the first quilt that I have made that was not improv pieced, so it was fun having ‘areas’ to quilt in. Although this is an Amish quilt pattern, I wanted to have the quilting be as modern and bold as the quilt top looks. Amish quilting on these quilts typically involves a lot of feathers, but I think that would make it look too old fashioned. Or traditional, whatever the right word is! I kept it linear but played around with different angles within the different colours. I like the secondary triangles that appear from the quilting in the light blue centre square. That’s probably my favourite part about this quilt – that and the totally creepy fabric on the back! I just had too, it was perfect.

I have a second quilt top that is exactly the same as this, which will be quilted soon. I made two at the same time because I used to have them up as makeshift curtains! I might do a more curvy free flowing design on that one to contrast the linear piecing of the quilt. And also it would be really weird to have two quilts be exactly the same… ah, now I’m tempted to do it!


So what do you think- is the backing fabric too creepy? Not creepy enough? I think I would have been scared of it as a child, I’m a bit scared by it now! What do you think would be a good plan for it’s identical twin? Have you ever made quilt twins? A lot of questions, I know. Sorry, I’ll stop now.



6 thoughts on “That Amish-ish Quilt

    1. Thanks Megan! I’ve had a few looks of confusion and mild disgust when showing others the backing fabric, but I’m glad you could see the funny side of it! It’s so bad it’s good? πŸ™‚

  1. At first I didn’t really notice what was on the backing fabric. Yeah, it’s a bit creepy. Could be worse. Can’t wait to see the identical quilt. While the top is identical they will look different once quilted.

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