knitting socks | ugh. it’s week 14+15

It is Thursday and time for socks!


Whoops, I missed last week’s sock post. I was not feeling very well at all, and so I sat around and moped. Then I went to the Dr. to complain at her instead. She made me feel less like I was going to die. I had four different blood tests done on Tuesday and my arm hurt so much! Four blood tests guys, I’m so brave! I did have to lie down for them and I DIY’ed a makeshift sling out of my scarf while walking home. So, not the bravest, but hey.

My arm doesn’t hurt anymore yet I still haven’t really knitted anything. I’m much more into quilting at the moment. I did a little bit of knitting yesterday morning, mostly unpicking my wrongdoings of which I am glad this at least is done. I love the crimped yarn after it had been frogged, it feels like doll hair. I did a few rows of stockinette. It is nice to wake up to sun lit beds. I am so happy it is Spring. 

Zip on over to see if Paula at Spin a Yarn has her sock on track, unlike myself.


3 thoughts on “knitting socks | ugh. it’s week 14+15

  1. Awww…you poor baby. That’s a lot of blood 🙂 I also got poked and prodded this week. I had an EMG done on my right arm/hand because my pinky / ring fingers are still numb from my bout with ulnar nerve problems. He said the needle was as big as an acupuncture needle; however if they are that big, I never want to get it. I see slow, but steady progress on the sock! Looks like we both had some frogging to do this week 🙂 My post is up!

    1. It was a lot of blood! I saw all the bottles on his desk – I sort of wanted to take a picture but thought he might think that was a bit strange. I’m sorry you got poked, prodded, STABBED too. That needle sounds terrible. Acupuncture sounds terrible. It’s a wonder I’m not scared of sewing needles! I’ll go have a look at your sock! 🙂

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