knitting socks | week 17 + bringing home some zen

uh huh, you read that right. Week 17. That is for the both socks. It is week 7 for this one though. Specifically, I have been knitting this second sock for 50 days. I have 48 days left to beat my last record, which was 99 days. You’re on, stupid sock!

I do actually like knitting. It’s just… when will it end? At the toe, I guess. I am finally at the heel, so I feel like I’m actually doing something now, rather than just knitting in circles. Heel stuff is much more fun and thought provoking. Now that I have got to this monumental part of the sock, I feel enthused to carry on ahead and get it done and out of my life.


Talking about out of my life… I am down to two wips and one ball of yarn in my knitting stash. That is out of this world, out of my life! For any new readers (hello) the reason I have done this much downsizing is my move to America next month. Believe me, it got scary when it turned to May and I had to start saying next month instead of two months. I had yet another nightmare last night and woke up in a panic after dreaming I was late for the plane and had not even packed my suitcase. I hurried through my quilting projects and was trying to stuff them into suitcases. Of course! While I was debating over which headphones I should bring I realised that I had missed it. That is when I woke up and told myself it wasn’t June yet. Most confusing is that I actually only own one pair of headphones. Although, I have been spending a lot of time looking through a lot of stuff and choosing bring or don’t. It obviously got to me a bit! So, I picked some flowers from the front garden and put them in my room to bring in a little ‘zen’.


Why not go and see what my co- sock knitters Paula from Spin a YarnΒ and Alex from Alex and Knits are up to this week – we do like socks on a Thursday!


4 thoughts on “knitting socks | week 17 + bringing home some zen

  1. Oh my, girlfriend! These nightmares need to stop! I’m sure that although you are excited, you must have some anxiety about moving so far from family and friends. Plus getting rid of so many things is stressful too! I love that your socks are continuing along. You’ve got this girl!

    1. I know right! While the dreams are scary in the moment, when I wake up I can just see how ridiculous they are. But yes, definitely anxious! I’m determined to finish these socks this month. Then I’ll convince my friends to get pregnant so I can just knit baby socks for a while, like you did. Well, the last bit. Unless… πŸ™‚

  2. Your knitting projects sound like my knitting projects. Mine usually take an extraordinary amount of time because I have to pull it apart and start again once or twice, maybe more. I see you have a gluten free recipe section here – excellent! Look forward to reading more of your posts, this one brought a smile!

    1. Hi Sue! Glad to find another slow knitter! This sock is getting knitted slowly because I’m just a little lazy with it.This week I’m more motivated; hopefully I can get a big chunk of it done. I don’t understand how people can knit things up so quickly! Yes, those gluten free recipes are from way back when I started this blog. Gosh! πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting!

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