knitting socks | week 18

It’s Thursday and time to talk about socks!

What a nice week I have had! It makes such a difference when the weather is nice and bright, and makes the day feel longer. Which is good, especially if you are a blogger and realise you’re meant to take a photo of your sock today and it is 7pm. Ah, thank goodness it is still sunny! I used to get so annoyed back in winter when the sun would go down at 4pm. Glad that hell is over.

Heel Flap Sock Progress.jpg

Here is my sock at 7pm. In the photograph I have just finished turning the heel and am about to pick up the stitches. It surprises me every time on how easy it is to turn a heel. I’m not sure what method I am using, I’m just doing what it says in the book. Maybe it is a heel flap. All the heel stitches are put onto one needle and the other two are left with the instep stitches. Then you knit the 38 heel stitches for 38 rows and to turn the heel you knit 13 sts and then dec 1 then turn and repeat. Does this sound like a heel flap? Does it look like a heel flap?

heel flap

And here we go with the picking up the stitches. It went a whole lot smoother this time compared with the first sock. Maybe I am doing it more right or less wrong on the second try. Go me!

heel flappinheel gusset stitches

I have already decided that I’m going to try out a new toe on this sock, even though it won’t match my first one. But if I’m honest with you and myself, I probably won’t wear these socks that much, unless they stretch out a little. But I’ve heard that it is unlikely that they will. So I figured I’ll just not worry too much about them being perfect and matchy matchy because well, I’m a sock learner knitter, and it’s okay for things to be wonky. There isn’t a sock police is there now? No!

I am going to try to do a star toe, which is basically like a hat – you decrease it down then thread the remaining yarn through the last stitches and pull. NO GRAFTING. I really dislike grafting. I really really think I’m going to get quite a lot of the sock done this week now that I know that I’m not knitting myself into grafting hell. Even the name sounds bad, whereas star toe sounds inviting. Magical even. Well, we will find out next Thursday on how it goes… I’m aiming for a finish. (I’ve got shows lined up on Netflix). It’s time these socks get done once and for all! Then I can move on with my life and start another pair. Uh oh. Yes I have the sock yarn all ready, already.

Please go and see my co-knitters Paula at Spin A Yarn and Alex at Alex and Knits who both agree that Thursday is the best day to talk about socks. And of course, if you want to get chatty about your socks, and want to do it on a Thursday, please join us. You’d fit right in.


12 thoughts on “knitting socks | week 18

  1. Yes, that is called a heel flap and heel turn 🙂 It will be smooth sailing from here on out! Isn’t it funny how afraid we were to do those at the beginning? I love your term “sock police” 🙂 It made me giggle. I figure our first several pairs of socks will be either too small or too big as we figure out what needle size and stitch count fits our feet. It’s all about the learning that makes it so special 😀 What sock are you going to work on next? Or is it a secret? BTW, I did that type of toe on my baby socks instead of Kitchener stitch. So much easier!

    1. I knew you would know what’s what Paula! I’m still not sure about what sock to do next, I need to check the yarn. In my mind I think it is slightly thicker than the sock yarn I am using now, but that might just be what I want to be true. Okay so the the toes are sorted, with approval from you and the baby. Good, it’s what I need to hear! 🙂

      1. I’ve heard the Blueberry Waffle socks are really easy and they have an interesting pattern. There’s also a pattern I found earlier today that uses sport weight called So Simple Silk Garden that I want to try. So many sock patterns and so little time!

      2. Ooh the blueberry wafffle socks look good to me! I’ll have a wander around ravelry and pinterest aswell. The So Simple Silk Garden, looks not so simple to me – I’ve never tried cables before! But I really do admire them. Thanks Paula! 🙂

  2. I never knew there was so much to know about socks. Thanks for making me wonder if I could turn a heel or two…love what I’m reading here. This critique should be as easy as loading up a bunch of stitches, knitting a bunch of rows, decreasing and starting over.

    1. Hi Velda! Niether did I, and still I am learning new things! You can totally knit up some socks (they are actually quite simple once you get going!) Do you knit aswell as quilt? Yes, I’m looking forward to going through everyone’s reviews and putting my brain to work. Thanks for your kind words, Hannah

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