Improv Quarter Circle Quilt | The making of.


When I first began making this project I thought I would be making a nice little neat, yet still unmeasured, quarter circle patchwork. I had plans to arrange it into a pattern. It was going to look consistent! I wanted to just make one quilt like that, just once at least, and thought if it is small and just a little bit improvised then I could hack it. Well, my plans faded when I got to piecing the blocks. But, actually I think what happened is pretty exciting.

I am really into this whole mini quilt thing right now. This one is exciting as I can see the possibilities of using the same ‘pattern’ in a larger quilt. Those areas of royal blue negative space, oh it just gets me going! I almost did keep going with this one, but talked myself out of it which is good because I just don’t need yet another quilt top staring at me wanting me to choose it next.

This mini quilt has not been labelled yet, but I will do it in the same way as my first mini and quilt it into the front. I recently went to do some quilt archiving at a museum and NOBODY LABELLED THEIR QUILTS. It was frustrating. I’m not saying that my quilts will be put into a museum, but maybe if the Victorian quilters knew their stately home and all their possessions would be turned into a museum someday in the future they might have labelled their stuff. You never know, so label your quilts and the future archival team will be most pleased!


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16 thoughts on “Improv Quarter Circle Quilt | The making of.

  1. Now I don’t know about this arty farty negative space malarkey but I knows what I like….and I really like it! Mini quilts are like sketches, you could have a whole series…malarkey one, malarkey with negative space series two….then the grand opus!! Lol, just messing about, the quilt is quite the art piece.

    1. haha, thanks Susan, I’m glad you like it! I do really want to lash out and go full malarkey on the mini quilts! By the negative space I just mean the darker blue area, it sort of creates a pool for the other shapes to emerge from or float on top of. Oh my, I’m such an artsy fartsy poet! 🙂 Just comes right out of me!

  2. So wonderful! I love how you laid out the quarter circles and that print is fab! It adds so much interest to this mini.

    1. Thank you Paula, your so sweet. I’m in love with this cat fabric. You should totally get into quilting! Maybe after the summer as you can knit outside, and can’t really sew outside, it would be a shame to be cooped up! Maybe you feel differently because you’ve lived in Calfornia for a while now, but I feel actual guilt if I stay inside on a sunny day.

      1. I have fabric, thread, a zipper and a pattern for a project bag; hopefully I’ll get to it soon! Most days are sunny where I live, so I don’t mind staying indoors. Especially when it gets really warm 🙂

  3. Love your mini! It’s really exciting seeing how you had the idea and just got on and cut out the pieces and sewed it all together. I agree about the need for labels – artists sign their paintings, authors sign their books, quilters shouldn’t be shy about signing their quilts!

  4. Minis are great for experimenting, aren’t they? Many of my improv experiments get turned into pillows. I specially like the way both of the blue solid areas merge and float the shapes. I’ve only played with improv drunkard’s path a bit and never really turned them into anything. You inspire me to dig those out and give them another go! P.S. I’m visiting for the first time (I’m over in the Sewcial Network hive) and I really like your style!

    1. I am in love with minis right now. I keep looking around at scraps trying to think, can I turn these into a mini real quick? Yes I really like drunkards path, I didn’t realise how similar it is to this one I made. You should definitely dig them out and start experimenting! Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate that 🙂

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